03 May 2019

Five on Friday

Hey y'all,

We made it to FRIYAY! It's going to be a rainy weekend here in NC which is unfortunate but I have a jam-packed weekend with church, barre3, a potluck, and a friend's 30th birthday party. I am sad to be missing out on Laura's Derby party so I hope you all bust out your fascinators to watch the race on Saturday night.

Just One More podcast.

I have been loving this body positive podcast. The two hosts are friends, one a "normal person" and one a personal trainer and nutrition coach. The episodes cover all sorts of things but focus on breaking up with diet culture, intuitive eating, and being the best version of you.

Lake Lynn.

On Sunday, a group of us in my small group got together at Lake Lynn for a walk. It was everyone's first time at Lake Lynn apart from me and it was fun showing my friends one of my favorite walking paths in Raleigh. I mean, who doesn't love a paved, mostly shaded walk around a lake with some turtle sightings?

Wake County Library Sale.

Yesterday kicked off the Wake County annual library sale. The sale is a mix of donated books and library discards and the funds raised go back into library programming. This was my first year hitting the sale on day one and I scored big with 11 books for $30. The sale runs through Sunday at the State Fairgrounds if you are in the area.


My apartment complex pool is now open! While the weather this weekend stinks for pool time I am hoping to spend time reading by the pool next week after work.

Work and Play podcast

Another podcast I am loving this week is Nancy Ray's new Work and Play podcast. There are three episodes and I would encourage you to listen to them all! They are packed full of great content.

Fun Things

This video of Taylor Swift getting her third cat
Jordan Wieber is named a NCAA head coach (and at 23!)
My parents are back in the US! My parents went on a 15 day cruise which meant 15 days without my daily call to my Mom. I'm glad to have them back and can't wait to hear all about their trip.

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What does your weekend look like?
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  1. It sounds like a full weekend of fun was had! And your recap reminded me of the fun a potluck brings. I'll have to host one soon with friends!


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