23 April 2019

10 on Tuesday {Mother's Day Gifts}

Hey y' all,

I cannot believe that it is almost May and that means Mother's day is only a few weeks away. I lucked out that my parents are only a short drive away and I will actually be spending Mother's day weekend with my family. My mom is not a big gifts person. She likes what she likes and we are typically pulling teeth to get gift ideas for Christmas. Also, her birthday is in early April so we sometimes are scrambling to think of things just one-month latter. Here are 10 things I know my mom would love for Mother's Day including the gift I purchased.

My mom is all about comfort, books, and loves her garden. Barnes and Noble gift cards are the go-to gifts for my mom but this year I have been looking at different experiences for us. For her birthday I grabbed us tickets to see Aladdin the musical this Fall in Durham and for mother's day, we are taking a tour of the Duke Lemur Center this summer.

Other ideas that I came across included creating a Chatbook of photos from us as kids to now. I am working on making myself Chatbooks from the last few years as yearbooks. What mom doesn't love a way to show off her kids or grandkids?

My Mom also loves to cook and search for healthy recipes so I thought of the latest Skinnytaste cookbook to add to her kitchen. I have realized that I love when food bloggers create cookbooks since they are very user-friendly and filled with images of the food as a guide.

If your mom is a green thumb like mine, she might appreciate a good fiddle leaf fig. They are gorgeous plants and you can order them off Amazon to ship directly to your mom without a trip to the local nursery.

Lake pajamas are on my wishlist and I know my mom would enjoy new pjs as well. I think there is something magical about a new set of pjs that gets you excited to slow down, hop in bed, and relax. We all know our moms deserve that extra rest after chasing after us for years.

Another fun gift I have given in the past is chocolates from a local shop. Expensive chocolates are not something people often buy for themselves so I love gifting it and finding new local chocolate shops is part of the adventure. Videri in Raleigh even allows tours of their chocolate factory.

Other mom approved gifts: a Tervis tumbler for drinks on the go and at home, her current favorite hand cream, and a Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I grabbed my mom a Barefoot Dreams cardigan for Christmas and she wears it around the house to stay cozy.

What are you gifting your mom?
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