28 March 2019

Throwback Thursday {Weekend Recap}

Hey y'all,

I have to mark this past weekend which was full to the brim so let's throwback to what occurred.


Following work on Friday I headed straight to my friend Kathryn's house to meet up before our church's women's conference. We ate dinner and then hit the road to downtown Durham. The conference doors opened at 6pm so we went to the registration table then found a seat in the lounge of the Durham Convention center where I gave Kathryn lessons on Insta Stories.

The doors opened and we headed to the market to pick up our shirts and look at the various vendors. We both fell for the booth of Fashion and Compassion. This is a boutique in Charlotte that focuses on transforming women's lives in seven countries. Kathryn is in love with the Seaside Peace Basket and I love this Esther necklace since Esther is one of my favorite books of the bible. It reads "For such a time as this" from Esther 4:14.
After the market, we grabbed seats in the main hall and waited for the conference to begin.
After worship, Elizabeth Woodsen spoke on holiness and WOW do I have some notes. The talk was followed with a panel from women in our church and then after a break, we came back to a session with Jen Wilkin. Y'all, if you are a believer and have not read Women of the Word, seriously, go pick it up. Jen's focus is on Bible literacy for all people and not an inspirational speaker. We began walking through Genesis 1 and I had some amazing revelations throughout the weekend and I am still processing everything.

 11pm it was time to finally hit the hay before another long day.


Saturday morning started bright and early with the conference beginning at 8am. It was a full morning of worship, more walking through Genesis 1, and a talk on tough seasons (singleness, infertility, health) with Elizabeth Woodsen and Bonnie who is a 60-year-old single woman on staff at the church.
The conference broke for lunch around 11:30am and Kathryn brought us Chick Fil A as she left the morning sessions for a work meeting. After lunch, we continued chatting at the Parlour downtown, a local ice cream place.
At 1pm we were back in the conference for more worship and finishing up Genesis 1. The conference finished up around 3pm and we headed over to the church for the weekly rally. The rally is a gathering of volunteers for community, snacks, and praying for the church and the services before they begin.

Church at 4pm was a wonderful service including a conversation with Jen Wilkin that you can hear here. Then I served with my preschoolers in the Summit Kids area where we talked about the people wandering in the desert looking for the promised land.

Then I headed home, made my dinner, and got ready for bed. While I intended to go straight to sleep, I stayed up and finished a book instead.


I luckily slept in after such a busy Saturday and finally got up and ready around 8:45am and got to meal planning for the week. Then I headed to the Fresh Market and Harris Teeter for groceries.

The rest of Sunday was filled with making a frittata, broccoli salad, and a nap.

At 2:45pm I headed to Chapel Hill for my Barre3 class. It was great to be back in the studio as I had been gone for over a week! After Brooke kicked my butt, I drove home and worked on making fajitas and chores around the house.

How was your weekend?
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