27 March 2019


Hey y'all,

I turned my blog off for a while as I was wrestling with if I wanted to continue this little creative space. While I love the connections blogging has brought me, seriously, two IRL friends came from the internet (hey Christie and Ashley), I know blogging has evolved so much since I started back in college. I have had many iterations of a blog and finding my niche has been hard. So, here we go, I am focusing on all the things I love: the Lord, cooking, barre, community, clothes, organizing, books, and my cat.

So here we go, I would love to know more about you and things you would love to see! I'm working on recapping my reads for the year, my favorite faith resources (request), my FASTer Way to Fat Loss journey, and adventures of a 29-year-old single girl in the Triangle (wandering grocery stores, libraries, and other places).

Also, if you need to know I am an INFJ, a 6 wing 7, and my number one strength is input.

What's something fun about you?

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  1. Welcome back! I am also an INFJ and a Type 6 (but wing 5!)



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