29 March 2019

Five on Friday {March 29}

Hey y'all,

It's FRIDAY! We made it to the weekend. I originally had a packed weekend with an event on Sunday night, however, the event was canceled so that means a weekend of Barre3, church, teaching my Pre-K Sunday school kids, reading, and book club with friends. Here are five things I am loving this week:

one. Emily Ley Simplified Planners.

On Wednesday, Emily Ley unveiled the new covers of the simplified planner for the year. I am so torn this year between navy blooms and garden party. I have until Wednesday to make my decision and purchase my new academic weekly planner. I think I am torn because navy blooms remind me of the navy floral pattern of my first simplified planner and garden party reminds me of the watercolor floral pattern I have now. I even posted a poll for friends to vote on Instagram and out of 35 votes, Garden Party was the winner but I am still not sold.

two. O-Venture Key Ring.

So I first heard about the O-venture key ring from Andrea of Momfessionals. She raved about them last year and I thought it was a neat idea but not a necessity. Well, when the O-venture rings were on GMA's steals and deals a few weeks ago, I snapped one up for 50% off.

It's been so convenient to have my keys on my arm when I am carrying all the things-purse, lunch box, groceries, etc. I also have been loving it for the times I have been pet-sitting and I'm taking the dog for a long walk.

If you are a Lilly fan, I know Lifeguard press will be releasing a similar Lilly keychain this spring.

three. Library Trips.

This year I have really made the library a priority and have enjoyed running by to grab my holds or wandering down the aisles. This week I snagged the first four books in a series since I accidentally read book six this past weekend! Whoops!

four. Trader Joe's flowers.

I don't know about you but fresh flowers could be a love language for me (and if you have read The Language of Flowers, this month's book club book, you know each flower has a meaning). Trader Joe's is one of my go-to's but don't knock the regular grocery store arrangements either. My local Harris Teeter often has flowers on "Manager's Special" which makes them 50% off and they just need a bit more pruning but last just as long. I picked this arrangement up at Trader Joe's this week and I am loving the ranunculus (radiant charm) colors!

five. The Fresh Market.

If you are a single gal, or you don't love meal prep, I would check out the Fresh Market. I recently fell back in love with the store after not going for years. I love the "Little Big Meal" deal which is everything you need for a meal for 4 for $20! I grabbed the chicken parmesan a few weeks ago and the fajitas last week. While I am skipping the stir-fry this week, once Wednesday rolls around I will be in store to grab the burger deal (buns, meat, cheese, fries, and fruit).
I have also been loving the all-in-one Market Meal Kits. This week I made the chicken parmesan penne with summer squash! I actually made three lunches out of the kit rather than the recommended two so it was only $5 a meal with everything prepped. I just had to saute the meat, veggies, then add the pasta and sauce. Quick and delicious!

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  1. So, a student gave me one of those O key rings last year, but I haven't used it. Maybe I need to start!

  2. It's hard to pick a planner cover, because you have to look at it for a whole year! I actually recently bought last year's pattern for $24. It goes to December of 2019, instead of the new ones that go into 2020. I'm so happy with it though! Can't beat less than half price!
    -Kristen www.kristenwoolsey.com


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