21 January 2019

Weekending {January 18-20}

Hey y'all,

I am going to try to get back to blogging every week but no promises. I thought I would share a snapshot into my weekend as these are some of my favorite posts to read.


Friday was a pretty calm day at work which was nice after a busy start to the week. I was able to get home before 5pm, started a load of laundry, rearranged some furniture from my bedroom to my living room and then headed out to meet my friend Shelby for dinner.
We went to Diced, a local chopped salad place. It was Shelby's first time to Diced and she really liked it. I often order salads ahead to be picked up for lazy, healthy dinners. After dinner we went to Hobby Lobby and Target to wander and look at home decor. I have a black metal tray in my kitchen area that I wanted to decorate to match my place as when I bought it in Fall I decorated it for Halloween and then Christmas and now I wanted more neutral decor.
This is after our shopping trip
After shopping, we grabbed Menchie's where I got the almond milk dark chocolate and the dole whip sorbet. I think my favorite was the dole whip as I love pineapple with dark chocolate chips. We then went to Shelby's house to hang out for a bit and then I got home around 10pm and headed for bed as I knew I had an early start to Saturday.


Saturday began with a rude 5:45am alarm as I was signed up for the 7:15am barre3 class and I am a multiple alarm person. I ended up getting to class with a few minutes to stretch. After barre3, I headed home, threw in another load of laundry and then cuddled with Max. Of course, 10 minutes before we had to leave for his vet appointment, he decided to climb under the bed so I had to drag him out and stuff him in his carrier.
His vet appointment went really well and we were home before 10:30am. The rest of the day involved me taking a nap, grabbing some lunch, laundry, cleaning, putting up the art I purchased on Friday night, and reading a bit. I ended up watching the Hallmark Winterfest movie, Winter Princess, while I was doing dishes and cleaning. It was a cute one.
Both prints including frames from Hobby Lobby for under $20 TOTAL!
6pm I headed over to babysit for two sweet little guys. We hung out playing and watching Octonauts, ate some pizza and applesauce, read books and then it was bedtime. I spent the rest of the night finishing my book and listening to more of my book club book on Audible.


Sunday morning I headed to church. This year, our church is walking through Romans for the whole year. This was the third message if you want to listen here. After church, I headed to Aldi to pick up a few items.

I then baked some chocolate protein muffins for breakfasts this week, made a fruit salad, and vacuumed. I headed to the library to pick up five books from my holds that all arrived at the same time then scooted to barre3 for the 3:15pm class. It was a tough class and when I got home I immediately started a bubble bath with Epsom salt.
After my soak, I got back in the kitchen and made dinner and prepped a few things for dinners this week. I spent the rest of the night just relaxing, watching MIB (throwback I know) and working on my BSF homework for tonight's study meeting.

How was your weekend?
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  1. Diced sounds like such a fun concept for a restaurant! I also just decorated my tiered tray stand for Valentine's Day. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. This sounds like such a great weekend! I think animals can sense when you are going to take them to the vet, lol. Diced sounds really good! Diced sounds awesome. Wish we had something like that!

  3. What a sweet weekend! That salad looks yummy & I love how your put your decorative tray together!


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