13 November 2018

Thanksgiving in October {San Diego Days 5, 6 & 7}

Hey y'all,

Sorry for the delay in posts, last weekend was very hectic so I decided this weekend would be quieter and slower. I'm finally wrapping up my vacation posts from our trip to California last month. You can read the first few days here.


Saturday was going to be one busy day. Our family was coming down from the Orange County area for my cousin's gender reveal and for our Thanksgiving meal. This was the first time seeing some of the family in 10 years. Others I saw when I was out West in March.

Once everyone arrived it was time for my cousins' gender reveal. Of course, my family though had to place bets on which confetti cannon would hold the reveal and the gender.

It's another boy for Michelle. She is already an amazing mom to two little guys and this cements her Boy Mom status. Also, by luck, her husband won the bet-cannon 6, boy.

After the reveal it was time to hang out on the bay for a bit while the Thanksgiving feast was completed. It was nice to all gather for Thanksgiving as we have never had the whole family together for Thanksgiving. Our family has always lived in the South or North East far from Cali for the holidays.

We all ate, hung out some more then it was time for family pictures.
The whole group-my mom's side of the family (minus two cousins and an uncle)
My Mom and her siblings
The cousins and the littles
The cousins. This is 9 out of the 11 of us.
My family
With my siblings

After family photos, it was time for the Wally World photo.
The rest of the night was just hanging out, playing uno with the littles, and enjoying the family.


Sunday was another day of relaxing on the bay with family and my best friend who is now living in Southern California for her residency was able to come down and visit.

The rest of the afternoon was more bay time, a sandcaste competition where one of the littles made an Octopus.
The SpaceX launch occurred on Sunday night and it was cool to see the rocket.


Monday was our last day on the bay. We hung out some more, ate pizza, and there was a hysterical incident on the slip and slide involving my brother crashing into one of the littles. Then we were off back to the East early on Tuesday morning.

And now to plan the next family gathering before it hits 10 years again.

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