22 October 2018

Weekending {A Day in the Life Edition}

Hey y'all,

I love reading Day in the Life posts so I decided on Saturday I would document my day. This was a pretty typical Saturday and pretty busy as I needed to get my apartment clean before hosting my friends for book club Sunday afternoon. Let's get started:

7:21 am. I slept in a bit on Saturday as my Barre3 class was not until 8:30am. 
 Of course, Max had to get his morning cuddles and head rub.
After about 10 minutes, I got out of bed, fed Max his extra pinch of food (he has an automatic feeder but I give him an extra pinch of food each morning. 
 Then it was time to get dressed, use the restroom, and wash my face.
Typically I would make my bed but I left it unmade as I knew I was going to be washing all my bedding Saturday.
 I quickly moved some clothes over to the dryer and began washing my comforter.
Then, I opened up my Amazon package that was delivered from the night before. I got these gummy molds to make my own gummy bears!
Then I was off to barre3. I got there with plenty of time to stretch and get my favorite barre spot. #creatureofhabit. It was a fun class as two of my friends were also there and Rachel made us work for it. #b3earthquakes
 Post B3 I rant to Clean Juice and got the Tropical One (minus the coconut water and subbed almond milk)
 Then it was grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. I finally left Chapel Hill around 10:30am.
 Once I got back home it was time to put away groceries, strip my bed and do more laundry.
I also received a package in the mail which was the new She Reads Truth Advent study book and ornaments. I pre-ordered my copy but you can pick yours up here.
 Max of course needed to cuddle for a bit before I showered and got ready for the rest of the day.

 Post shower it was time to fold my laundry that had been sitting in my laundry basket from the dryer since Thursday night. Whoops.
 At 12pm I made a quick lunch.
Then watched some Pioneer Woman from that morning I recorded before I tackled all my cleaning.
 I started with vacuuming.
 Put all the trash/recycling by the door.
 Started a Hallmark movie while I cleaned the kitchen and picked up the living room.
 Picked up my whole room and put away all of my clothes including taking down my sweaters from the top of the closet.
 And then dusted everything.
 At 3:30pm it was time for Max's "special dinner Saturday" where he gets a can of wet food.
At 3:40 I was headed to church, and then I turned around in my complex as I forgot my phone. I was back on the road at 3:45. I made it to church for the 4pm service, gave my friend her house key, and then went to teach my Pre-K kids at the 5:30pm service.
Post Pre-K it was 7:20pm and I headed to Town Hall Burger to meet up with friends from church for a bite to eat. As usual we caught up and ended up staying until almost 10pm.

I got home at 10:20pm and let my comforter air out the last little bit after two cycles in the dryer and got some cuddles while watching this week's episode of New Amsterdam. 
 Then it was finally time to make my bed as my pillow cases had come out of the dryer. I finally crawled into bed at 11:59am grateful that I could sleep in on Sunday!

That was my Saturday!
How was your weekend?

I'm linking up with Biana of B Loved Boston.

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  1. That sounds like a great Saturday (especially all the kitty cuddles!) Max looks like such a ham, and I'm a cat lady at heart :) Also, tell me more about barre! Everyone I know loves it, but I've never tried it! Have the BEST week!

  2. Laundry is the worst! I never get it put away in a timely fashion. Love your bedding... it's super cute!

  3. These are my favorite posts to read!I can't wait to see how your gummy bears turn out! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Such a productive day! I find laundry to be a guilty pleasure of mine... I feel like I have my life together when I do it! I was on fall break this weekend and did next to nothing while I was home.

    Hope your Monday was great!



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