Weekend Recap

Hey y'all,

What I had planned to be a quiet easy going weekend ended up pretty filled with lots of fun and very little housework which I am sure I will regret later this week when I am cleaning dishes and doing laundry late at night. Here's what my weekend looked like:


Friday was a pretty busy work day but I was able to get out around 4:30pm and head to Chapel Hill for Barre3 Chapel Hill's first birthday. The 5:45pm class was a team teach between two of my favorite instructors and was a tough class set to diva's music (think Taylor Swift, Rhianna, Pink, Janet Jackson, etc.). After class there was a celebration with wine and snacks.
 With Dana, the owner of B3CH
 Some of my barre3 buddies with Brooke and Rachel.

Following class, Maryscott and I went to Panera to catch up over dinner.
I made it home around 9:30pm and watched some tv when my friend texted that she had an extra ticket to the Carolina game the next morning if I wanted to join. I of course said yes as I love football and cheering on the Tar Heels.


With the game now on my schedule, I canceled my morning Barre3 class and decided to have a slow morning. I worked on my grocery list, had my quiet time, finished up some questions for my Exodus and BSF studies and enjoyed some cat cuddles.

I got ready for the game and headed to my friend's house around 11am. We got to the game around 10 mins into the first quarter but had a blast hanging out and watching UNC get a win!

Right after the game, I headed to church to help teach in my Pre-K class. This week we restarted back at the beginning of the bible so the kids had fun creating things in playdough just like the Lord created the world.

The rest of my night was filled with checking on my friend's cat, a late night WholeFoods run for the hotbar for dinner at 8:30pm and reading in bed.


Sunday began with quiet time, dishes, and then getting ready for church. I met up with my friend Leigh for the 9am service and the lesson on Psalm 23 was amazing. Here's the link to the replay. One thing I took away was the reminder that life is not sustainable on the mountain tops but rather we grow spiritual fruit in the valleys.

After church, I ran to Aldi and Harris Teeter for groceries, came home to watch the Hallmark movie I recorded from the night before, Truly, Madly, Sweetly, then took a nap.
 Max napped a lot on Sunday as well.

Post-nap time it was time for Barre3 with Brooke. Following barre, I went home, finished making taco soup for the week and some pumpkin muffins since it is officially Fall now!

What was your favorite part of this weekend?

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  1. I watched that Hallmark movie this weekend too! What did you think?? I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, they're never "good" haha but they're always entertaining for me. I'm such a sucker for them now (after actively avoiding them for years). & those muffins look fantastic.


Thank you for your sweet message!