26 July 2018

Currently {July 26}

Hey y'all,

I cannot believe that it is already Thursday and the end of July! I felt like last few weeks flew by as I have been packing up my place. My roommate moved out on Saturday so it has been a few days of cleaning and packing without a couch to sit on so I have made due with a yoga mat and my euro sham pillows.
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My office is often cold so I have been wearing this cardigan I grabbed from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I have also been loving this top and these pants a lot for work.

I am currently finishing up my book club's selection for July, Long Way Down.
Listening to
I have been on a podcast kick at work. I have been loving Annie F. Down's That Sounds Fun and How I Built This with Guy Raz.

I finished up Young and Hungry and I started Riverdale as my packing binge show. I am excited that next Thursday means that DCC: Making the Team returns!

I have had a lot of random meals as I have been trying to clean out my fridge before my move. I have been loving cinnamon pita chips with fruit salsa a lot.

My move! I handed over a check on Tuesday night and I receive my keys Saturday!

Decluttering. Packing is very helpful in analyzing what I really need and so I have been making weekly trips to Goodwill and the Recycling Center.
I am also loving checking out Pinterest for apartment decor inspiration.

What are you currently loving?


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