06 July 2018

Five on Friday {July 6}

Hey y'all, It's Friday! After a second Monday yesterday, I am excited for a weekend without any major plans. I have some goals of getting some more packing completed in prep for my move in 22 days! Other than that, a night of babysitting tonight, teaching my Pre-K kids at church, and Barre3 classes are the only things in my planner. As usual, I am taking some time this Friday to share some of my favorites from the week:

one. Young and Hungry.

I stumbled upon this show on Netflix as a recommendation. I love a cutesy comedy and this one has been nice as background while I pack. It's one where you don't have to be laser focused on like my typical crime shows. The episodes are fairly short at only 25 minutes and I am already on season 2 (there is only 10 episodes in the first season).
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two. Lowes Moving Boxes.

Random favorite but I grabbed 10 small packing boxes on Sunday to being my packing this month and I have successfully filled them already. I love the Lowe's packing boxes since everything stays consistent in shape for easy stacking in the moving trailer. Now all my bookshelves are packed and I have some more packing to get to this weekend.

three. Standing Desk.

My new office is very kind in allowing us to select our our office furniture. I decided to order a standing desk and it arrived this week. About an hour later and I had put my desk together. I love it!

four. Air Conditioning.

On Sunday night our air conditioning went out. With temperatures in the high 90s this was not okay especially for little, Max Cat. It took them two days to fix so we had a windo unit one night but it was a reminder of the luxury of having air conditioning.

five. Dutch Tulips by OPI

This fun red color has been my nail and toe color this week in honor of the 4th of July. I had taken a break from having my nails painted for the last few weeks and I am loving the pop of color.

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What's on your radar for this weekend?

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  1. Young and Hungry is so bad that it's good. I watched at least 2 seasons, but know I'm not caught up on the more recent one. I think I was at the point where I was like "Okay, I can't watch this anymore" ha ha.

    1. Yes! There are some cringe worthy moments it's so cheesy!

  2. I just started watching “Take Two” if you need a cheesy crime drama that you don’t have to pay major attention to! Loving your fun new nail color!

  3. Great nail color! Did you have to pay for the Lowes packing boxes? Can't believe you had to build your own desk - lol!

    1. Yes, you do have to pay for the Lowe's boxes. For 10 boxes it was only $9. I know a lot of people go to stores for boxes but it's not a huge expense for my short move.
      We are searching for a facilities person currently so desk building fell on myself.

  4. I love the idea of a standing desk.. I'm going to have to check out young and hungry!

    1. It's been a nice treat after always having cubicle desks.


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