03 July 2018

10 on Tuesday {Summer Bucketlist}

Hey y'all,

It is officially summer since June 21st rolled around. Now, summer is not my favorite season. Here in the South it is oppressively hot for my tastes and I am waiting for Fall to get here (although, that doesn't technically start until September 22nd). In order to savor my season a bit, I decided to create a summer bucket list. These are all pretty simple ideas as I do not want to overwhelm my calendar as I tend to get a break from a lot of commitments in the summer and I get to relax more. Here we go:
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one. beach trip.

My small group is actually headed to the beach in August but due to my move I am going to have to miss the trip. I am hoping to head down to the beach one weekend even if it's just a day trip.

two. durham bulls game.

I love taking a night to go watch the Bulls play. The stadium is always a fun trip with friends and sometimes you can score by going on the $1 concession nights.

three. host a dinner party

I love to entertain and while I will not be entertaining during July as I have already broke out the moving boxes, I hope to have people over in late August/early September to have a housewarming gathering.

four. decorate my new space.

I think decorating is the most fun part of a move. I have been in the same space for four years so it is going to be fun to reenvision my items. Plus, I have fun friends who I know are excited to come and help and a new Hobby Lobby just 15 minutes away.

five. Send a care package to my best friend for the International Day of Friendship-July 30th

My best friend moved from Chicago to California this summer so now she is even further away, but only 30 minutes from my mom's side of the family. I'm excited to put together a little bestie box for her to celebrate the International Day of Friendship and her birthday at the start of August.
six. Eat homemade ice cream.

seven. Go to an outdoor movie.

If you are in the Triangle area there are so many options for outdoor movies. From Southern Village, NCMA, Koka Booth, to even a drive-in about an hour away there are a lot of options. I am hoping to get a group together for a picnic and movie soon.

eight. Spend a Sunday by the pool.

I grew up always spending summers at the pool with swim lessons and then swim team. My parent's even have a pool so a lot of the summer during high school was spent floating in the backyard. I want to set aside one Sunday to put off all the to-dos and spend a few hours in the pool.

nine. Enjoy a new fun cocktail.

I love to mix up my favorite cocktail drinks especially during the summer. A few years ago, my roommate and I made a wine cocktail with rose, grapefruit, and lime juice and it was the perfect combination for the hot weather. Send me your favorite fruity drinks!

ten. Celebrate National Read a Book Day-September 4th.

Of course I had to have a reading goal. I love that there is a national read a book day and of course I will be celebrating by reading on that day. I might even share some of my favorite summer reads in a post that day to celebrate.

What's on your summer bucket list?


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  1. Outdoor movies are the best! All of this put together sounds like the prefect summer!


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