22 June 2018

Five on Friday {June 21}

Hey y'all,

A lot has been happening in my little bubble of NC so I thought I would make this Five on Friday a little bit of an update and some of my June favorites.

one. New Job.

Yep. I quit my job at my alma mater and joined the private sector. If you were unfamiliar, I had been working in University administration for almost six years between two different departments. Last Friday was my last day. On Monday I began a new position and I have been loving the change so far. It is definitely different in both the nature of the job but it was exactly what I needed. Now it's time to look for fun pieces to decorate my new office space. Yep, a full office! My past positions have had me at open desk areas so this is a bit of a change.
 A quick selfie in my office yesterday for National Wear Your Lilly Day!
The extent of my decorating so far as we are ordering another desk for me.

two. Barrington Bag

One of my favorites for the month has to be my new bag! I ordered it in the middle of my last two weeks of work as a celebration for my new position and a fun new work bag as I knew I would be toting a laptop around for my new job. I have been looking at Barrington bags for years and finally bit the bullet. I love my new tote and it has been perfect on the job this week.
What I wore on my first day of work.

My bag!

three. New Apartment.

As if one major change wasn't enough, this past weekend I looked at apartments for my move this August. My roommate is moving about an hour away and I had yet to find another roommate so one bedroom life it is. On Saturday I toured over 7 apartments in the area as I love where I currently live and decided on a one bedroom less than 10 mins from my current place in a complex where one of my friends lives. It will be about 10 mins to my new job and still close to my bible study, Aldi, Target, and B3 Chapel Hill. I move the last week of July/first weekend of August. Now to look at sectionals and dining chairs as those are the only pieces of furniture I will have to invest in.

four. Barre3 Anywhere.

This week kicked off the B3 summer challenge of B3 Anywhere. The free challenge has 10 min workouts each day along with suggested workouts if you have B3 online access or take a studio class. I have been loving the 10 min workouts each morning and some have had me dripping in sweat in the short time while others have been more restorative. I can't wait to finish out the week and see what week 2 brings.

five. British Baking Returns. 

The Great British Baking Show returns to PBS tonight and I can't wait! What a better way to end my first week of work at a new job then one of my favorite shows. Season 5 is actually Series 2 from the Great British Bake Off. If you are unfamiliar with the show, Netflix has 4 seasons available but the US has only received 5 of the 8 that have premiered in the UK.

Other June favorites:

My sweet friend Lindsey got married a few weeks ago.
 We met in a bible study over four years ago!

This guy celebrated his 6th birthday.

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  1. Congrats on the new job and the new apartment. Also, congratulations to your friend on her recent nuptials. My daughter got me hooked on the Great British Baking Show. We've been binge watching it on Netflix.


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