29 June 2018

Five on Friday {July Goals}

Hey y'all,

It's the last Friday of the month and I thought I would share some of my goals for July. With a lot of changes going on in my life I want to make sure my goals in July simple and attainable. My biggest goals for July will be of course packing my apartment and moving everything to my new place. Here are five other goals for the month:

one. Continue reading the Bible chronologically and Annie F. Down's 100 Days to Brave.

One of my big goals for the year is to read the entire Bible and I am using a chronological plan. I am over 45 days behind with my reading but I think any progress on this goal is great. I have also started reading Annie F. Down's new devotional, 100 Days to Brave.

two. Eat a vegetable at lunch and dinner.

Amidst all the changes, packing and moving that will happen in July, for my nutrition goal this month I want to keep it simple with just making sure I eat a serving of vegetables at both lunch and dinner every day. My other health and fitness goals include maintaining my Barre3 schedule of at least 3 classes a week.

three. Move my retirement account to my new 401k.

Now that I have set up my 401k at my new job, it's time to work with my previous retirement program to have them transfer over my amount. Yes, this goal makes me feel like an adult!

four. Complete the Emily Ley Simplicity Challenge

As I gear up for my move and begin packing, I am going to complete the Emily Ley Simplicity Challenge. There is a one action a day challenge and it is perfect to take small actions towards simplifying my current items and my future home.
via Emily Ley

five. Blog at least 2 times a week.

My ultimate goal would be three times a week but I am currently working on some posts so I have some content to go up each week considering a lot of my free time will be filled with boxes, wrapping paper, and trips to Goodwill.

six. Enjoy time with friends amidst the chaos of a move.

I have been invited over to my friend Kathryn's house for a cookout on Wednesday for the 4th and I am excited to enjoy a nice time with friends in the middle of the workweek/early packing stages. The rest of the month includes at least one gathering each week between supper club, book club, and hosting a baby shower for a sweet friend.

What's one of your goals for July?

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  1. The goal of reading the bible is such a good one!! I read it daily too and am 1 day behind in my goal of reading it in a year- so I'm catching up this weekend!

  2. I absolutely love the Emily Ley challenge! I didn't know about it until you shared it, but I am definitely starting that July 1st!

  3. My sister got me the 100 Days to Brave devo for my birthday. She loves Annie Downs. Love the simplicity challenge! I need it in my life!


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