Five on Friday {April 27}

Hey y'all,

We made it to Friday! It still feels like a Thursday for me as I had two short work weeks with my college roommate in town from Friday-Monday. I am ready for the weekend though! My April has been very hectic with something happening every weekend-Easter, a friend in town for a wedding, bridal shower, college roommate in town, and I was supposed to attend a baby shower this weekend but due to a scheduling conflict I will be seeing the mama to be in a few weeks to give her her gift.

I am however, not having a calm start to the weekend as tonight a group of friends and I are headed to dinner and then a high school lacrosse game. Our friend is the coach and we are going to support her. This girl though has no idea how lacrosse is played so it's going to be fun cheering from the sidelines with no clue what's happening.

Now onto some of my favorites this week:

one. Simplified Planner.

If you did not know, I am a huge fan of Emily Ley and the Simplified brand. I have used the Simplified planner for the past two years and this week they revealed their covers for the new planners. I am currently using an academic weekly planner and will be ordering a new one next week. Now to decide a cover. I am leaning towards the waterflower floral or the thin happy stripe. Let me know your favorites.

two. StepBet.

On Monday I am hosting my first ever StepBet. If you have not heard of this, it is an app. You join a game and bet (in this case $40) that in six weeks you will hit your step goals. The goals are personalized to your step history. For example, the game I am running has 4 active days and 2 stretch (a little more than your active goal) days with 1 rest day. My active day goal is in the 7,000 step range and my stretch goal is in the 9,000. I am at a desk job so that makes the most sense but I have friends that are teachers and nurses so their individual goals are a lot higher. If you meet your goal you get your money back (plus part of the pot of those that do not make their goals).

Let me know and I can invite you to the game.
 Of course, my steps from Saturday's 4-mile walk won't count as the game begins on Monday(the first week is a warm-up so no one gets eliminated)

three. Self-Care Sunday.

For the last couple of weeks I have made sure to carve out some time on Sundays to do a little self-care. With such a crazy month, I have enjoyed making sure I have some me-time built in. Lately, the self-care has meant a Barre3 class followed by a nice epsom salt bath. I am loving this epsom salt, these bubbles, and then putting on either this face mask or this hair mask from Trader Joe's.

four. La Farm

Just a reminder for those in the Triangle area, if you have not been to La Farm in Cary-GO! It is one of my favorites and I love that they have a small bakery in the new Cary Whole Foods. I took my college roommate to La Farm on Sunday while she was visiting and we had to make a stop on Monday before she hopped on her plane so she could take scones back to her family.

five. Administrative Professional's Day.

My sweet co-workers surprised myself and the other administrative professional in our division with sweet flowers on Wednesday for Admin Pro Day! The lillys have already opened up over the week.  If you have any admins in your office, don't forget to send them a sweet note. It really is appreciated!

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