What's Up Wednesday {March}

Hey y'all,

I have been home all of three hours from spending eight days in California with my Mom's family so here is a peek into what I've been up to this past week:
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In and Out. Really, you can't go to California and not get In-N-Out. Tomorrow I will be meal planning and getting my grocery list together since my pantry and fridge are very low right now as I tried to clean out before the trip.

reminiscing about

Te last time I was in California. This trip was the first time in over 9 years since I had been out to see my family. Seriously, it was the June after I had graduated high school. It was great to see everyone and meet all the little ones my cousins have had. 


Family time especially with the littles. Between LEGOLand, breakfast and walking around downtown Orange, and even just getting dinner together I loved spending time with my family. I wish we didn't live on opposite coasts but it makes you savor the time you have together.

what I've been up to

This past week included flying first class, going to my cousin's wedding, LEGOLand, Universal Studios Hollywood, and lots of family time.


Heading back to work? I have been off since the 20th and do not return to work until Monday. I am kind of dreading opening up my Inbox on Monday.

working on

Blog posts. I have been slacking on getting content out to y'all but with a long weekend and no more major events on my schedule for awhile I am excited to get back to posting three times a week.

excited about

The Putting Me Together Spring Challenge. The challenge kicks off on Monday and after traveling and Easter weekend, I'm glad to know that my first week back at work, my outfits are already planned and ready to go.


This past week I watched Wonder, Home Again, The Shape of Water, and Pride and Prejudice on the plane rides. I also went to the theater to watch A Wrinkle in Time and Midnight Sun. Of course, I also fit in a few Hallmark Spring Fling movies as well while my aunts were working.

As for reading, I read four books this week and will be recapping them on a book review post soon.


The Greatest Showman Soundtrack still. The movie comes out on DVD on April 10th but you can already own the digital version if you can't wait.


Right now I am still in my travel outfit of my favorite leggings and a t-shirt from the women's conference at church last year.

I did wear this jacket a lot while on vacation. I wasn't sure how much I would utilize a utility jacket but I love this one.

doing this weekend

It's Easter weekend! On Friday I am going to an event at the Red Hat Ampitheater hosted by my church. Saturday I will be at church helping in the Kid's ministry. On Sunday I will be volunteering at again in the kids's ministry and attending church.

looking forward to next month

A wedding
Baby Shower
Bridal Shower
Walks at Lake Lynn


Hmm, I did purchase some new clothes for spring especially as I ave dropped a dress size. I think I am going to write a recently purchased post along with another outfits I wore post.

Link up with Shay here.


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  1. You have been a BUSY girl! Yay for all the Hallmark movies- they are my favorite! And YAY too for your fun travel and adventures. Hope you had an awesome Easter!


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