05 March 2018

March Goals

Hey y'all,

I cannot believe that it is already March. The calendars have been flipped, the office is decorated in shamrocks, and there is a vacation in sight. This is actually the first year since college where I am actually taking a spring vacation which feels so strange. Working in academia there is always a spring break for our students which is typically a week of powering through projects but I am excited to be taking 8 days off to go be with family and enjoy some sun on the west coast.

I am sharing my March goals. This year my word is content so I am trying to focus my goals on things that help to bring me contentment-gratitude, stewarding finances well, self care, etc.Image result for march goals


-Poshmark 20 items. I have cleaned out my closet and while I have donated some things I have a large pile to post on my Poshmark site.
-Complete my gallery wall in my quiet time space. This is almost complete. I started in January and now I just need to add a couple of items into frames.


-Meal Plan and Prep Meals.
-Attend Barre3 Chapel Hill Studio Classes at least 3 times a week. Take 3 online classes per week when out of town.
-Write 3 blog posts per week.
-Connect with one friend face to face.
-Relaxation Time/Margin (bubble baths, reading, mani/pedi, self care and recreation in my schedule
-Gratitude journal.


-Chronological Bible Reading Plan.
-Drink 90oz of water.
-No refined sugars/dessert. I have had a lot of sweets at the start of this year and it is time to limit them a bit.
-1 mile walk. Whether outside when it is gorgeous weather or one of Leslie Sansone's videos. I can devote at least 15 minutes to moving my body.

What are some of your monthly goals?

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