02 March 2018

Five on Friday {March 2}

Hey y'all,

NC decided to return to normal temperatures this week rather than the 70s we had been experiencing. I am excited that we are in a new month and that I have had time to get back to blogging as an outlet. Let's get started with some of my favorites this week:

one. Nickel & Suede.

I am going to brag about N&S's customer service. I received my first pair back in 2016 for Christmas and since then purchased a pair of the Glissade teardrop shape size medium  (it is now discontinued). I get so many compliments on my N&S earrings and was heartbroken in late January when one of my Glissade earrings disappeared. I was babysitting one night and when I got home I only had one earring in. :(
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I even rocked my N&S Glissade earrings at my bestie's wedding in June.

I looked everywhere including the home I babysat at, my car, etc. I thought it was a lost cause. Well, on Wednesday this week I finally decided to contact customer service to let them know that I lost my earring but loved them and wanted to know what the next closest shade they had in stock would be as a replacement. Well, within that day, I had a response that they keep extra leather in case something like this happens and that I would just need to add it to the comment section the next time I placed an order and they would send me a replacement.

The order is already on it's way and I will have a complete pair again! Seriously, I had a comment on my shipping notification on Thursday that "We have included a replacement earring for your Glissade in size medium. I'm thrilled that your "surviving" one will have a buddy again because this is one of my all time favorite leathers! Thank you for your continued support of Nickel and Suede!" How sweet is that!

two. Queer Eye.

I don't know about you but I loved Queer Eye for the Straight Guy back when it was on Bravo. The reprisal just called Queer Eye on Netflix has become one of my favorite new shows. Seriously, I have cried every episode. I love that the show is more than just a makeover, it discusses some of the issues that our currently going on in our nation and world. Plus, they guys are all characters. If you have time this weekend I recommend watching. I watched five one Sunday while cleaning and folding laundry.
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I recently decided to try out the grocery delivery service, Shipt, and I am so glad I did.It has helped tremendously to cut down on purchasing extra items like snack things that just happen to be on sale. I make my list and then I search for the specific item. It is quick and it is so convenient to have someone drop off your groceries when you have a busy week. This week, my delivery occurred about 20 mins after I got home on Monday which was great as I had been out of town-Friday-Monday at 12pm when I went straight to work. This code will get you $20 off your first order: http://share.shipt.com/lpH6J

four. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan.

I have always looked at the Barefoot Dreams cardigans and thought they were very nice but I didn't want to spend that kind of money on a cardigan. Well, I purchased my first one during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and have since purchased two more-this one(I got it on a major deal on QVC) and this one(on sale for under $80).
Rocking one with my church's kid's ministry shirt.

five. Little Ones.

Seriously, there is a big baby boom in my friends right now. I mean, it makes sense now that we are in our late twenties. One of my former co-workers just had her little boy and there are three little ones expected in my book club! I am excited for all the baby showers and baby snuggles later this year!

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  1. All of my friends are having babies too! Every year its either a year of weddings or a year of babies


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