28 February 2018

Spread The Love {The Blended Blog}

Hi All,

I recently was paired with Ashley from A Cute Angle Blog for the Blended Blog's Spread The Love gift exchange. It was great learning all about Ashley especially her recent travels to Ireland.
The exchange consisted of only accessories and Ashley hit the nail on my sweet gift. There were chocolates in the package but we all know those went early. 

Also, I apologize as this post was supposed to go up on Monday but when I tried to blog at my parent's house this weekend their internet was having issues and my photos were some how corrupted. 

Let's get on with the sweet gifts:

I received a fun coral scarf with tassels, this will be perfect for the spring weather here in NC and it has recently felt like spring so I am excited to pair this with a t-shirt, jeans, and wedges when it finally hits 80.
A beautiful gold pouch. I am actually thinking about taking this with me to California. My cousin is getting married in late March so I am headed to the west coast. I just received my dress for the wedding and I think this will be the perfect clutch.
The most on-theme item for the exchange was this sweet set of earrings and a necklace. Perfect for Valentine's day.

You can see all the fun exchanges over on the Blended Blog here.
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