02 January 2018

Word of the Year & Goals

Hey y'all,

I started working on my 2018 goals back in October. No I wasn't wishing 2017 away and I actually established some great habits at the end of the year but I wanted to write out intentional goals with actions and focus on my word of the year. I actually spent the evening of December 30th going through Lara Casey's goal setting series on her blog and fleshed out my goals.
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My word for 2018 is contentment. I even wrote a statement for my year as well. I want 2018 to be a year of intentional living being content in my season, joyfully exploring the blessings I have already received, cultivating my relationship with the Lord, and growing in simple and faithful actions

Here are my four goals of 2018:

1. Cultivate a deep connection with the Lord by reading the Bible(Chronological) and keeping a prayer journal (VMP).
The goal will be accomplished in the following tasks:
-Sign up for the Blue Letter Bible Chronological Plan on YouVersion  completed 12/31/17
-Create a quiet time space
-Set dates in my planner to fill in my VMP monthly sections
-Observe the Sabbath day.

2. Become debt free allowing me to be more generous in stewarding my finances well.
This goal will be accomplished in the following baby steps:
-Pay off my credit card
-Pay of my car loan(APRIL)
-Pay off my final student loan
-Envelope Budget for food-grocery and restaurants
-Complete the contentment challenge from Nancy Ray(No shopping Jan 2-April 2).

3. Live with less. Find joy and contentment with less material items, worry, stress, and anxiety. Find the margin in my schedule and make quarterly weekends of purging and donating items to find margin in my home.
Steps to accomplish this goal
-Create a capsule wardrobe to wear year round
-Complete the No Brainer Wardrobe Workshop
-Clean out closet quarterly(Jan 15, April 15, July 15, Oct 15). Poshmark/donate those items.
-Follow the tactical steps in Emily Ley's A Simplified Life and Simplified Challenge.

4. Create a healthy body-mentally and physically. I am one of God's creations and I want a strong and healthy body so I can continue to serve Him.

Steps to accomplish this goal:
-Maintain a great relationship with my body. It is God’s creation and to honor it by moving it in a healthy way.
-Maintain a 3-4 times a week Barre3 schedule
-Eat whole delicious foods
-Limit dairy (lactose intolerant problems)

I'm saying No to:
scrolling mindlessly, comparison, not trusting the Lord, shopping, idolatry, work stress, debt

I'm saying Yes to:
The Lord: prayer, the Word, contentment, gratitude, Sabbath, community, health, Barre3 (my favorite workout), space/margin, friend dates, creating routines-morning routine and bedtime routine.

What are your goals for the year?

I'll share my monthly goals on Thursday!



  1. These are great goals! I especially like that you already started them. A head start is awesome!

  2. I love these goals! Especially, of course, the financial one! :) I just read this great essay on not shopping - thought you might enjoy it! https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/15/opinion/sunday/shopping-consumerism.html

  3. These are great! I'm also working on not shopping as much.


  4. Great goals! I'm so glad you found a workout that you love and that's exciting you'll be paying off your car loan and student loan, congrats! Here's to a great 2018!


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