10 January 2018

TBB Asks {January}

Hey y'all,

I am a little behind on posts this week as the weekend flew by and I have not been home a ton either. Seriously, my Fitbit will tell you that I have not gone to bed before  11pm since Wednesday of last week. I am committing to myself to be in bed at 10:30pm for the rest of this week though. 

I love the Blended Blog Ask posts and this month's questions are no exception so even though I am a few days behind here are my answers:

1. Resolutions or No Resolutions?

I do like to set goals and you can read my post here.

2. Love snow or No snow?

Love snow. I spent three years in Rochester, NY while my Dad worked on his PhD and my grandparents lived in New Hampshire so I grew up playing in the snow. Now as an adult in the south I am not a fan of the ice storms we tend to get but snow just is gorgeous and makes everything quiet. It also doesn't hurt that snow typically means I can work from home in my pjs.

3. Name a new place you want to go this year?

I am already planning a trip to California in March to visit family and another trip to Cali in October for a family reunion so I don't plan on making any other big trips but maybe I will make it back to the Biltmore in the Fall as my friends and I want to go to the winery.

4. Would you rather have a new hair cut or hair color?

Cut. I used to highlight my hair in college and dyed it back in the Fall of 2013 so I would rather not have the upkeep of a new color.

5. Name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year?

Pay off my debt! I know it doesn't sound fun but I started paying my student loans in December 2012 and it is going to be great to not have those over my head.

6. Least favorite thing about January?

 The cold. Seriously, January becomes frigid here in NC and the temperatures last week in the teens proved my point.

7. Most favorite thing about January?

 My birthday!

8. When do you take down your decorations?

Right after Christmas, before New Years.

9. Do you diet in January?

I don't tend to diet as much as try to get back to my normal eating habits after all the indulgences of December but my birthday is also in January so I can't deny myself some birthday treats.

10. What area of your home do you want to organize the most?

I always love organizing my closet. Over the Christmas/New Year's break I organized my pantry, fridge, bathroom cabinets, my desk, and a bit of my closet. Now I just need to tackle the under the bed storage and I will feel like I'm done.

11. Favorite Winter Comfort food?

Macaroni and Cheese is my always comfort food.

12. Favorite Guilty pleasure? 

Hmm, weekend naps, mac and cheese (I'm lactose intolerant), dark chocolate chips on banana ice cream, reading until 1am (whoops, that's why I am not sleeping).
What is your favorite thing about January?

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  1. Loved reading your answers to this (stopping in from TBB today!). I used to love the cold weather, but now that I work from home (and we had that awful arctic chill a few weeks ago that lasted forever), it's no longer my favorite :) I'm impressed with your organizing! And that you want to pay off debt in the new year--that's great!

    Hope you have a great week ahead :)

  2. Excited to see a post from you! I was feeling bad that I haven't texted you for a Jan dinner date yet but I can see you've been as busy (or busier!) than I have haha! My favorite thing about January is the fresh start to the new year! :)

  3. These posts are so fun! Mac and cheese is my comfort food, too!



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