01 January 2018

New Year, Blog Reset {Seven Lessons from 2017}

Hey y'all,

I know it has been a hot minute since I have blogged. I decided this Fall to step back when I was in a funk and really focus on preparing for the new year with some new habits. I think I can get into a mindset of purchasing things or viewing my life through the lense of what can I blog or what will be great to post rather than just being intentional with my time toward things I love and to write authentically about my life. I don't anticipate this becoming a job so why not treat it like my hobby that I enjoy and just write. This Fall, I decided to start taking barre3, change up my eating to incorporate more real food from 100 days of real food, focus on my word of the year-simple, and began working towards the best year ever.

I think it is important to set goals and really make sure they are intentional and align with your beliefs and I will be sharing my word of the year and my goals tomorrow but today I thought I would share some of my favorite lessons from 2017.


I'm an obliger. I read Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies this year with my book club and realized I am an obliger. This means I do very well with external accountability.


Audiobooks are amazing. I have never been a big audiobook person until this year. Now, not all readers are great and there have been a few books that after 15mins I have pulled the plug and returned to the library but I have loved utilizing my drive or going on walks listening to books.


Go to the doctor. I have a wonderful health care team and want to reiterate that you should go talk to your doctor whenever you feel that something is off. I have had a few medical issues that were worked through this year including going to a dermatologist for my adult acne. Seriously, if you think something is wrong, talk to a medical professional.


Find the exercise that you love and stick with it.I grew up as a dancer and a swimmer. I quit both in middle school and was never a big fan of the gym. Post-college, adult life says you should join a gym and after gaining weight transitioning to a desk job and going through a brief bought of depression I thought why not. I loved my gym and enjoyed the cycle classes. I also would do Tone It Up videos at home. However, I was never super consistent. Well, since B3 Chapel Hill announced they were opening I have been loving getting back to the barre. The classes can be challenging but I have consistently gone at least 3 times a week (minus Christmas at my parents house).


Treat yourself. Whether a hot chocolate from Starbucks, a manicure from my favorite salon (Paintbase), a face mask, a movie from Redbox, or a nap. It is important to treat yourself on occasion. I try to treat myself to one thing every weekend, it might be a nice walk at my favorite park or just grabbing dinner out so I don't have to cook on Sunday.


Community is the best investment. I really tried this year to invest in relationships with a few friends. I have regular opportunities to meet up with some of my college friends and sorority sisters with our book club but I have added in semi monthly dinners with my friend Nicole, more time seeing MScott, and investing in getting to know the members of my new small group.


There is no magical date to start your goals on. Each day can be that fresh start. I have restarted my fitness goals in September with Barre3 classes and I reset my food by in both July and with Weight Watchers in November.

What are some lessons you have learned this year?



  1. We missed seeing your posts this fall while you were on hiatus! But I agree - it's best to focus on what you love and write authentically instead of worrying about what would be good to do just for the blog. These are great lessons learned, especially the focus on building community :) I'm glad you found barre and you're enjoying it!

  2. One of my goals is also to treat myself more! It's so important!



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