04 January 2018

January Goals

Hey y'all,

If you did not catch my post on Tuesday, I shared my yearly goals. I have four of them and you can find that post here. Now that the yearly goals are posted it is time to break them down into manageable sections and share my monthly, weekly, and daily goals.


-Create monthly budget and yearly debt plan
-Purge Home(closet, desk, under the bed storage, dresser
-Complete the Putting Me Together Winter Capsule Wardrobe Challenge (January 8th-February 15th)
-Relaxation Time/Margin (bubble baths, reading, mani/pedi, self care and recreation in my schedule)
-Complete my gallery wall in my quiet time space


-Meal Plan and Prep Meals
-Attend Barre3 Chapel Hill Studio Classes at least 3 times a week
-Write 3 blog posts
-Connect with one friend face to face


-Chronological Bible Reading Plan
-No frivolous spending (Target Runs, Online Shopping, etc)
-Drink 90oz of water
january goals

What are your goals for the month?



  1. I really need to do some purges around the house, and I love the idea of a chronological Bible reading plan. Happy New Year <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. No frivolous spending (Target Runs, Online Shopping, etc) -- I need to add this to my year long goals. I spend far too much money.

  3. I too have created a list of new year resolutions. I think I should pick some of your ideas and add them to my list.

  4. I'm trying to be more mindful about meals and do some planning and prepping, but it's not my favorite thing to do so it's a fair bit of work for me to get into the habit. You've got some great January goals, and way to break down your yearly goals to keep those goals moving forward!


Thank you for your sweet message!

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