05 January 2018

Five on Friday {January 5}

Hey y'all,

I cannot believe we are already to the first Friday of the new year and it's payday at that. It was a short work week and it will be a busy weekend with a birthday brunch, baby shower, and hanging out with some of my favorite littles. Let's get started:

one. Unexpected Snow Day.

Well, yesterday the triangle was covered in snow unexpectedly as the coast was supposed to get the majority of the storm. It meant that I was able to work from home, rewatch the Bachelor with my roommate during my lunch, and get lots of Max cuddles.

two. US Figure Skating National Championships.

This week began the US Figure Skating National Championships in San Jose, California. This event will help determine who will represent the US at the Olympics next month. I actually volunteered and attended the event in 2015 when it was held in Greensboro and I can't wait to watch the women's event tonight and more throughout the weekend.
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three. Gallery Wall.

Back in October I went to Ikea specifically for frames and a nightstand. Well, the nightstand was built that week but I held off on putting up my gallery wall above my sewing table desk as I knew I still needed a few things. Well, this week, I said screw it and put it up with the missing items and all. I still need to paint the J, find a mat for one of my pictures, print photos from my bestie's wedding, frame my Degas' Little Dancer Girl print, buy Rifle Paper company wrapping paper for the large frame, and try and find something with dimension so it's not all flat.

four. 50 classes.

On Monday I completed my 50th B3 class and it was such a great feeling. I started taking B3 classes during their pop-ups this past summer but the studio didn't open until September 20th. So it seems I have taken an average of 15 classes a month.

five. Birthday Party Planning

If you know me you know I love my birthday (we are officially in birthday month) and I have started to stew on plans for to celebrate. I am turning 28 and have had a tea, wine and cheese, and brunch party in recent years. I love hosting my friends and enjoying their company. This year I am thinking a favorite things feast-favorite appetizer, favorite fruit, favorite drink, favorite main, favorite veggie dish, etc.

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What kind of parties have you thrown recently that you have loved?

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  1. Your gallery wall looks great so far! I plan to add one to my craft room eventually, so thanks for the inspiration :) I love celebrating my birthday too; for my most recent one, we went around to a few wineries for wine tasting and packed a picnic lunch!


  2. Oooh I'm loving the gallery wall so far! What a cute space! And congrats on your 50th class!! :)

  3. I tried barre once, and I think I was really bad at it. So now of course I want to start doing it again to improve. It's sooo hard so congrats on all your classes!!!


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