11 January 2018

10 on the 10th {10 Random Facts About Me}

Hey y'all,
I told you I was behind on the blog posts this week. Does it count that I wrote my 10 things on the 10th even if it didn't go live until the 11th? Let's hope for a calmer weekend(and sleep) so I can get some great content out to you! 


I actually was tagged to post 10 things you might not know about me on my health/fitness instagram last week so this was easy to write.

1. In college I had a beta fish named Philip Radish. He was a gift from my sorority big sis. Since I am a Phi Beta Chi our family tradition is to give our little's beta fish. My big started the tradition of naming the fish vegetables. There has been P.Radish, Sweet Potato, Kale, Broccoli, Cucumber, and Salad.

2. My first plane ride without my parents was when I was 24 and headed to my college bestie's wedding in Illinois. I still hate flying.

3. I am a Disney fan but have never been to Disney World! My mom’s family is less than 40mins from Disneyland so I grew up going to Land when we visited. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite.
Back in 2008 when I last was in California
4. I have an obnoxious amount of scarves (30+) and wear one at least 4/7 days a week. Even in the summer it’s not crazy for me to have a scarf on. I'll show you a few recent outfits with all the scarves.

5. I became lactose intolerant in the summer of 2015 and officially diagnosed in February 2016 so it has been a struggle and learning process to adjust.

6. I worked at Wendy’s in High School and then Target while I was in college.

7. My Toyota Corolla is named Cora, like the Countess in Downton Abbey.

8. I don’t drink coffee, only tea. I used to drink soda during college but I quit soda in 2014.I still on occasion have a soda but it is typically less than twice a month.

9. Two of my teeth are switched. It’s called transposed teeth and my pre-molar and canine are switched. It doesn’t affect my everyday life (I recently told a friend of almost 10 years and she had no idea) but it did mean shaving my other canine so my smile looked balanced and lots of dental residents have checked out my teeth as an example as it’s kind of rare. I spent a lot of time in the dentist and orthodontist office as a kid and even had to wear headgear to bed one Summer.
See, I bet you can't even tell which side it is.
10. My favorite food is beef stroganoff (not the hamburger helper kind but my Mom’s tomato, mushroom, cream sauce with beef over cheesy egg noodles). It is always fun when talking to kids because 90% of the time their favorite food is pizza and they have no idea what I'm talking about. I plan on sharing the recipe later this month!

Thank you Erin for creating the link-up and I can't wait for the other months.

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  1. You should go to Disney World some day! Although Disneyland is great too. :)

  2. If I had to go without dairy -- mostly cheese, I would be so dang sad.

  3. Better late than never, right? So funny that your fish had vegetable names. So funny! Oh you have to make it to Disney World sometime. It’s so magical and amazing. Good for you for quitting soda. I need to give up the diet sodas something fierce. It’s so hard to get past the headaches, though!

  4. I became lactose intolerant as an adult too. I think it was when I cut dairy from my diet when I was nursing my son, when I reintroduced it I got sick. I miss ice cream the most so occasionally I have a bite but it's not worth more. I can still do hard cheeses in small amounts. xoxo ERIN

  5. Ooh I would love to see your mom's famous beef strog recipe!! :)

  6. I really should wear scarves more often! I have a ton of them (definitely not as many as you! What a collection!!), and I rarely wear them, but they just add something to outfits!


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