29 December 2017

Five on Friday {Top Five Posts of 2017}

Hey y'all,

I love reading other people's blog recaps of the year and I thought it would only be fitting to post my top five posts of 2017 on a Friday as three of them are Five on Friday posts!

five. Five on Friday {October 7}

For Fall I was loving that Fall TV was back, a challenge to eat real whole foods, fun earrings, pumpkin cookies, and a new book was being released! This post I also included a lot of fun links at the bottom for some items I was loving, recipes and a blog I had discovered.

four. One Room Challenge {Week One Inspiration and Room Tour}

This was one of two posts for the One Room Challenge when I shared some of my inspiration, my bedroom tour and the ideas I hoped to accomplish. Well Fall was a bit busier that I would like so I have put a lot of projects on hold and hope to complete everything by May. I have learned even slow progress is progress.

three. Five on Friday {January 27}

January was all about fun mail, brand new Kate Spade earrings, National Green Juice Day, and getting into Ephesians with friends.

two. All Things Fall with the Blended Blog.

This year I discovered the ladies of the Blended Blog and participated in their fun Fall themed questionnaire. Since I love Fall I understand why this could be a popular post. I even posted their holiday questions this month that you can find here.

one. Five on Friday {September 29}

The number one post of the year was about my sister, Kate's birthday, Carolina Football, Barre3, a new community, and some fun links.

So it looks like in the New Year I will be continuing to post Five on Friday on this little space since you love them!

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What are your favorite posts to read?

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  1. Five on Friday posts are always fun! I need to get better at doing them more regularly in 2018 :)


  2. I always enjoy reading Friday favorites. I hope you have a great New Year, Jess! Sierra~Beautifully Candid


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