01 October 2017

Sunday Sayings {Galatians 1:10)

Hey y'all,

My church is currently studying Galatians and it has been such a great series reminding us all what the gospel truly is at it's core and what it is not. The gospel is the unfathomable fact that Jesus Christ died for our sins to face the wrath we deserved and we are free from sin due to this selfless act. Nothing more, nothing less.

Galations 1.10 Printable
This verse really struck me when reading through the first chapter as I know my heart is prone to comparison. I think our society is currently filled with ways in which we seek approval from others (hello social media) but in the end, my approval needs to only come from God, not man. My main job in this world is to follow the Lord and spread his word. Nothing else!

I am going to write out Galatians this month (it is only six chapters) as a way to help dive deeper into the book.If you want to follow along, I am using this guide from Mercy is New.

What are you currently studying in the Word?

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