04 October 2017

One Room Challenge {Week One: Room Tour and Inspiration}

Hey y'all,

After reading about the One Room Challenge for years, I finally decided to hop in! If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge, Calling it Home created this challenge/link-up where you work on transforming one room in your home over six weeks. The challenge occurs in April and October. I currently live in a two bedroom/two bath apartment with a roommate so the living spaces are a little more difficult to transform but after more than three years in this same space it is time for a little refresh.

If you want to look at the Spring challenge reveals check out this post. I loved Laura's transformation of her guest room this spring. She spent only $150!

Check out all the Fall guest participants here and the 20 featured designers here.

Today I thought I would share my space and give you an idea of what I am interested in changing. All input is welcome! Feel free check out my Pinterest home board to get a sense of my style.

This is the view of when you first walk into my space.

I love the jewelry organizers I have hanging over my dresser. It helps to remind me to actually wear my fun statement necklaces. I have the older version of this dresser and will probably upgrade it in a few years as one of the drawers is a bit off track.
Next to my dresser is my desk. I am thinking of painting my pinboard either white or a navy color and I am going to finally paint my desk white and update the hardware. My laundry basket often lives under my desk for my cat, Max to play in. 

I also need to find a better storage solution to all of those books. That is my current to-read pile, filled with library books, books from friends and family, and books I recently purchased.

I am also hoping to find a lamp for this space since I am getting rid of my college desk lamp.
This table is actually built by my dad. He found the old sewing table bases and built each kid a table with a new top. I use this space for my devotionals and I need to frame out my prints and hang a few items to make this a true gallery wall. 

Also, the chair at the window is my desk chair that needs to be painted and recovered. My cat loves to look out the window so when I am not at my desk, the chair is there for him to sit on.
This is the view from that desk chair into my closet space. I have an LL Bean Boat and Tote that is filled with workout equipment like my B3 ball, foam roller, and other odds and ends. I also love that my diploma is displayed in my space.
From my closet this is the view of my space. Sorry for the weird lighting, this was late afternoon on Sunday.
I framed six of the calendar prints from this Rifle Paper calendar(this year's version) and the 3M picture hanging strips are not cutting it. Two prints have fallen so changing up the hanging items is on the list.

Also, I have had this Kate Spade bedding for over four years (new grey and white version) and I love it but I am thinking of grabbing a new duvet cover to give me the option to change it up.I would like to keep in the navy theme since I love my curtains and my bathroom is navy as well.
To the left of my bed I have a small shelving unit where I keep a few kitchy items, my everyday jewlery, and the bins contain things like socks, nike shorts, and pjs. I am also hoping to move my La Croix collection to a space in the kitchen.

To the right of my bed is my nightstand. I am hoping to find a new nightstand for this space with a bit more room on the top to hold items.

Rifle Paper Prints (this year's version)

I also wouldn't mind mixing up my pillow situation for my bed. If you count that is eleven pillows on my bed. Two euro shams, four standard size pillows, one memory foam pillow, and four decorative throw pillows which three are tossed off the bed while I sleep.

Also, yes, Max is hanging out on a LOFT Bag that I was about to throw away but then he had to sit on it.
To the right of my main door is a little hallway before my bathroom. My hamper and Max's food hand out here.
The right side has a few ribbon boards I have had since my freshman year of college (one was actually given to me by my Big) which I made into fitness inspiration boards on year but I am thinking of replacing them with a full length mirror over here instead of my over the door situation.

My medal/bib holder is from Etsy.
The other side of the hall is filled with two Old Wells that I have painted at Wine and Design along with my graduation cap. I'm debating changing this up with some different art and moving my graduation cap to hang over my diploma.
So that is my room. I am hoping to make small changes like painting the desk, a new nightstand, new bedding, and art but keeping the budget at $300. 

I am headed to Ikea this weekend when I'm in Charlotte and would love to hear of any pieces that I have to change out.

Any design input would be appreciated! I'll see you next Thursday for the first few changes to the space.

What would you change?

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  1. Max laying on that bag is too funny and I love your curtains!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. What a cool challenge. I like your room already!

  3. I like it! I always think I want to redecorate things, but am not the best at actually implementing change so I look forward to what you come up with!

  4. Hey Jessica! I'm also redoing my bedroom for the ORC!

    I like the style you have in your room now. I'm looking forward to seeing how you manifest your style in some new ways for this challenge!


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