06 October 2017

Five on Friday {October 7}

Hey y'all,

This week has been a long one and I swore on Wednesday that it should have already been Friday. My out of office message goes live at 5pm and I am out for a whole week! Now to just make it to 5pm. As usual, Fridays mean that I am sharing five things and linking up with some amazing bloggers. Also, this marks 200 blog posts published on this little space! Let's get started:


Scandal is Back. I finally caught up on season six of Scandal this week in prep for the premiere last night. Scandal's return means more than just the show is back, it also means that weekly wine+cookie+popcorn nights have resumed. Years ago, my friends and I started a tradition of scandal nights where we drink wine while watching Olivia Pope try to handle the world. It is a fun chance to get together, catch up, and see the show.
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Real Food Mini-Pledge Program. Today is the last day to register for the Real Food Mini-Pledge program. I am joining the challenge and hope that in the next six weeks (just before Thanksgiving) I will be feeling great by eating real foods. Each week you get a pledge to help you incorporate more real food into your diet. Weeks include: only whole grains, no fried foods, etc. I'm excited to start the challenge when I get back from vacation and be mindful of the first pledge during the weekend but really start week one on October 16th.


J.Crew Earrings. About two weeks ago I spotted these tortoise hoop earrings on J.Crew's website. Well, when they went on major sale the other day I snatched them up along with this pair and this pair. Together, all three pairs were around $30 since I had them shipped to my local store. I am currently debating snatching up this pair.
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Southern Sugar Bakery. This sweet bakery in Raleigh is owned my two Meredith college grads and Christian used to blog at Carolina City Girl. Well, since ending her blog, they have started a sweet bakery and make the most gorgeous custom cookies. I snagged a set of their Fall PSL cookies for my small group and they were a hit this week. You can see a handful of their custom cookies on their Instagram.
This poor PSL is only Pumpkin Spice.


Dance Stand Run. I have been apart of the launch team for Jess Connolly's newest book, Dance Stand Run this summer and I am so excited that the book officially launches this month! Being apart of the launch team has meant that I have had access to the chapters throughout the summer and y'all this book is challenging but necessary in the conversation of grace. You can even read the intro chapter here. A copy might even show up in a giveaway soon. :)
Image may contain: text
From Chapter 8

Fun links.

 Thinking about making your costume, check out these fun DIY costumes

Are you visiting someone for Thanksgiving? How about giving them these adorable dish towels as a hostess gift?

I received my first holiday party invitation this week and it makes me excited for throwing my annual ornament exchange! Crate and Barrel already has their holiday items up online and I think this narwhal needs to be added to the tree.

Emily Ley's second book A Simplified Life is available for pre-order! I loved Grace Not Perfection and you can read more about meeting Emily and the book here.

Have you ever thought about making your own clothes? Allie's blog makes me want to break out the sewing machine and get going.

Did you miss out on National Taco Day, Wednesday?  Whip up tacos tonight with these recipes.

Did you know that the pets of the NC Governor have their own Facebook page? I love that the Cooper's show off all of their pets like the First Mantis, Daisy. Yes, as in an orchid mantis bug that was even at Bug Fest this year in Raleigh. They are even taking a vote on what to name the two new koi fish right now.

Link up with April, Christina, and Natasha.  
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And Erika

What's one thing you are loving this Friday?

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  1. Scandal nights with friends sounds like so much fun! When I was in college my friends and I would do the same thing with Better Call Saul and it was always a good time. And those PSL cookies look so good!

  2. Love those sweets.

  3. I'm so happy Fall TV is back! I missed Scandal last night but I already can't wait to catch up! Since it's the final season you know it will be so good :)

  4. THOSE COOKIES!!!!!!!
    I am so stoked about Scandal being back on - the first episode already had me like WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

  5. Those earrings are so pretty!! Have an awesome vacay!!

  6. Love those earrings! I am seriously considering getting those dishtowels for my own house :)


  7. Ha ha, the poor PS cookie, my goodness those are cute and love the earrings! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. Those cookies look amazing! How I wish I could decorate like that. :)


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