Saturday Story Time {Vol. 8}

Hey y'all,

Each Saturday I pose a question and I would love for it to be interactive and have you answer the same question in the comments. I have loved getting to know my readers through these posts and you can catch up with the previous questions here.

What are the top 5 places on your travel bucket list?

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What has been your favorite place to travel to?

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Five on Friday {September 29}

Hey y'all,

We made it to Friday! This has been a busy week for me personally and I didn't get home before 9pm all week. While I wish I could say I have a relaxing weekend, I am booked pretty solid. Tonight, I am headed to church for a gathering of all the women at our campus for fellowship and teaching. Here are five things on my mind this Friday. 


Kate. My baby sister, Kate's birthday is tomorrow! She turns 25 and while I wish I was with her in Texas to celebrate, instead I will just be sending a sweet care package her way.  So happy early birthday to the kid that kicked me out of being the baby in the family, my Red Robin/Ruby Tuesday date, my fitness buddy, and best baby sister I could ask for!
Back when we went to Beauty and the Beast to celebrate Kate's 21st Birthday!


Mini-Vacation. I am taking a long weekend next weekend and I am headed to Charlotte to visit some sorority sisters (including my Big, Shannon) and I would love to hear any recommendations of places I have to go. I know Amelie's is on the list and we are headed to the mountains for the day to see the Blue Ridge Parkway but I would love your input if you have traveled/live in the Queen city.


UNC Football. While it appears this is not the Tar Heel's year for football with our young team, I have enjoyed going to two of the home games so far this season. I always love heading into Kenan stadium and watching the games live and it has been really special since my friend Maryscott has been gracious to take me with her to the first two games of the season. Let's hope the Tar Heels turn it around this week and beat Georgia Tech!


Small Group. At my church our bible study groups are known as small groups as we do more than just study the bible but build community with one another. This Fall, my old small group had two leaders plant out into a new group and I decided to also make the move. It has been a great transition and while our new group is still small, I have been enjoying our conversations together and pray that a great group of women join us as we continue this Fall.


Barre3. My friend LC found the B3 Raleigh studio back in 2014 and while I went a few times, the commute between work in CH to Raleigh didn't make the studio a feasible option for me. The Chapel Hill studio had pop-ups all over the area this summer which helped me get back into barre. The studio's grand opening was last Thursday and I have already taken five classes since then. I might be very sore and loving epsom salt baths right now but I am also loving the community and the workouts. Also, yay for friends like Traci who will get up and go to the 6am class with you on a Friday morning.
I made a B3 tracker in the notes section of my Emily Ley Weekly Simplified Planner!

Fun Links.

May Designs which make the cutest personalized notebooks featured on Oprah's favorite things list and the View is launching a line with Blue Sky Planners at Target! I love these notebooks for my sermon notes at church and used one in college when I was the Executive VP of my sorority.

Advent is coming. I am so excited that She Reads Truth and All Good Things Collective launched their advent studies this week. I know it is crazy to already think about the Christmas season but I love doing a study to prepare my heart in December as a reminder of the spiritual meaning and not the material meaning of December 25th.

My favorite soap is back! I love Mrs. Meyers and this scent is only released in the Fall. I might be stocking up at Target this weekend so I can have this scent for the next year. 

Need care package inspiration, Emily's college care package post is the place to start.

I think in my next apartment I need a bar area so I can get bar stools like Katie's.

For anyone (like me) who has debated over the Madewell Transport Crossbody bag, Old Navy has a dupe for under $30 right now! A steal!

Less than two months until Ree Drummond is in Raleigh with her new book! Ashley and I will be attending the book signing at Quail Ridge Books

I'm in love with Whitney's bedroom and her DIY pinboard

For all of those who love a PSL, these socks are perfect for you.

One of my favorite reality shows celebrated their 100th episode last night. It's crazy since I have been watching since season one!

Link up with April, Christina, and Natasha.  
Also linking up with Tif, Becky, and Katie.
And Erika

What's one thing you are loving this Friday?

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Hey, There!

Hey y'all,

I took an unplanned blogging break through summer to refresh and refocus. I love the creative outlet of blogging but I never want to post content just to post content. I want to be proud of my little corner of the internet.

Since it has been awhile I thought an introduction was necessary.

I'm Jessica but have gone by Jess with most of my friends for years. I actually started blogging with a Tumbler back in college under the name Jane Austen Meets Southern Prepster which then became a blog. After my senior year of college, I started Preppin' Postgrad as a space to blog my transition to this whole adulthood thing. After a few years I thought I was done with the blogging world and ended that space. Well, that October I decided to come back to the blogging world under Just Jess and it has been a much better fit. It also appears that every summer I lack motivation to blog. Whoops!

I am the third of four kids and lovingly refer to myself as the black sheep. I mean, I am the only one of us that didn't go into the math or sciences (my siblings are an accountant, chemist, and zoo keeper). Clearly I take after my mom who was a librarian and not my dad who is a nurse. My degree is in English which meant I spent four years reading and analyzing a ton of books so now I read a lot of fluff mixed in with my book club's selections.

I went to UNC (GO HEELS!) and stayed in the triangle area after graduating in 2012. How it has been five years, you cannot ask me! In college I joined Phi Beta Chi and made some of the best friends ever, seriously I still see my sorority sisters a ton and I am making the annual trip to see my big next month.

When I am not working my desk job, I love to teach the PreK class at my church, go to Barre3 classes, take walks on the many trails around the triangle, spend way to much money at Target and LOFT, browse books at the library, binge crime dramas on Hulu, snuggle with my 5 year old tabby cat, and spend hours in my kitchen.

Here are some random this or that questions to help get to know me as well:

Dog or Cat?

Both! I grew up with dogs (a golden retriever then a German sheppard/chow mix). I now have a tabby cat who is just the sweetest though.

Netflix or YouTube?

Netflix since I love a good movie and tv show. Although there are some Youtube channels I watch weekly. 

Phone Call or Text?

Call my mom and my best friends. Text everyone else.

Toast or Eggs?

Scrambled Eggs, please!

Cardio or Weights?

Cardio, although Barre3 is a mix of low impact cardio, bodyweight exercises, and light weights with high reps.

Facebook or Twitter?


Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?

Ice Cream, always. I do remember always having snow cones at school in Texas when I was little for field day

Mobile Games or Console Games?

I grew up loving my GameBoy color and then my siblings had a Nintendo64, Playstation2, and Wii. I will play here and there but not often.

While walking: Music or Podcasts?

Audio books or Music. On occasion podcasts but I love podcasts for car rides.

iOS or Android?


Form or Function?


Pop or Indie?


Cake or Pie?

Cake! I only like apple pie and my Mom's is the best!

 Crest or Colgate?


Swimming or Sunbathing?

Swimming. I did swim team for years. I also am very susceptible to sunburns so I'm always in SPF50+

Big Party or Small Gathering?

 Small Gathering. I am an introvert (INFJ/INTJ)

I hope you come to this blog to be inspired about food, fashion, share your faith, and have a bit of fun.

What is your favorite blog posts to read?

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