14 June 2017

What I'm Reading Wednesday {Current and Recent Reads}

Hey y'all,

We are one week away from the official start to summer and that means summer reading. I don't know about you but ever since I was little I was signed up for the summer reading program at my local library and loved the end of school since that meant I could stay up late into the night reading. Seriously, I would stay up past 1am reading the latest Harry Potter book every summer.

Well, on that note, I thought I would share the books that I have recently finished along with what I am currently reading today. I am back on the reading train after a slow few months, and after a trip to Barnes and Nobles this past weekend with friends I have added another 10 more books to my to-read list. I am hoping to have a few friends also guest post throughout the summer with their summer reads to add to your lists as well.

Current Reads

The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing BodyThe Body Book: The Law of Hunger, The Science of Strength and Other Ways to Love your Amazing Body. Cameron Diaz.

I just started this as an audiobook this week and I have really been enjoying it during my lunch hour. The book is focused on nutrition, movement, awareness, and discipline. I am still on the nutrition section and while it is heavy on the science behind foods (things we all learned in health class) it has been great to review and really focus on what foods are the best fuel for our bodies.

WonderWonder. R.J. Palacio.

Wonder is the July pick for my book club and focuses on Auggie Pullman and his first year in a traditional school. Auggie suffers from a facial deformity that has caused him to undergo more than twenty surgeries already.Middle school is tough as it is but going through it where kids create a game called the plague to prevent touching you and learning the dynamics of the lunch table are hard.
I am almost done with the book and I can't wait for the movie this Fall.


My American DuchessMy American Duchess. Eloisa James.

I recently started this book but it follows Merry Pelford, an American heiress, who has infamously jilted two fiances and is now betrothed to Cedric, the Duke of Trent's brother. However, after an encounter with Merry on the balcony of a ball, Trent now desires her for his wife. I'm intrigued to see how all the family dynamics play out in this quick read.


Recent Reads

 Born of Legend (The League, #9)Born of Legend. Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Okay, so Sherriyln Kenyon is one of my favorite authors. Her characters are always so fascinating and I love the worlds she builds. Born of Legend is the ninth book in the League series (science fiction romance). I purchased this book last summer when it came out but then the transition of a new job and lots of life events made me put it back on my shelf, well, last week I started and finished Jullien's story. Jullien seems to be the villain in a lot of the League novels (an Andarian prince who appears to be the pet of the crazy Grandma in power) so it was great to hear his backstory and catch up on events to present day. I don't want to give too much away but if you enjoy romance novels as well as science fiction/fantasy, I highly recommend the League.

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1)One For the Money. Janet Evanovich.

The first in the Stephanie Plum series, One For the Money follows Stephanie as she transitions from a lingerie buyer to a bounty hunter after being laid off. Her first big case is attempting to bring in Joe Morelli, a cop turned bail jumper. However, this case becomes personal as Benito Ramirez, a prize fighter, was involved with the woman Joe Morelli was planning to meet when Ziggy was shot and killed, takes an interest in Stephanie.
It was a great audiobook and a fun mystery in finding out the whole case involving Morelli.

Immortal Nights. Lynsay Sands.

Immortal Nights (Argeneau, #24) The newest Argeneau novel, This book picks up with the kidnapping of Tomasso Notte and Abigail Forsythe's attempt to help a stranger drugged and cagged in the back of the cargo plane her best friend was hired to fly. Abby and Tomasso end up on an island after jumping from the plane and are dealing with discovering they are life mates along with attempting to run from the kidnappers.
I felt that this book was harder to get into than some of the other Argeneau immortal books. The story was fine but I didn't feel as connected to the characters.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, #1)Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Benjamin Alire Saenz

This was my book club's May selection. The book focuses on Aristotle who is an angry teen when he meets Dante at the swimming pool one summer. They form a fast friendship and the book revolves around their friendship and growing up as teenagers.
It was a quick read (I actually grabbed the audio book read by Lin-Manuel Miranda) and enjoyed it. The ending I felt was a little forced but overall fine.

Wicked Appetite (Lizzy & Diesel, #1) Wicked Appetite. Janet Evanovich.

The first in the Lizzy & Diesel series, this novel follows Lizzy, a pastry chef in Salem, Massachusetts. Together they are attempting to find a collection of priceless relics that represent the Seven Deadly Sins.
I ended up with the audio book and loved all the crazy characters in this book especially the assistant in the bakery who thinks she can do magic but ends up causing all sorts of problems.

What to Do with a Duke (Spinster House, #1)What to Do with a Duke. Sally Mackenzie.

The first book in the Spinster House series. This book follows the daughter of the vicar, Cat, who is attempting to capture the honor of the Spinster house in Loves Bridge so she can spend her life writing away from her nine siblings. Of course, when the Duke arrives from London to settle the Spinster house, things take a turn. The Duke of Hart is not looking to marry thanks to a curse upon his family that no duke shall live to see his heir's birth. 
I felt it was a fun lighthearted novel and perfect for a summer afternoon read.

How to Manage a Marquess. Sally Mackenzie.

This is the second in the Spinster House series about the women of Loves Bridge who are vying for the Spinster House. This book follows Anne Davenport, attempting to gain the spinster house to get away from her Father's new wife (who is her age), and Nate, the Marquess of Haywood, cousin to the Duke of Hart.
I ended up loving Nate and Anne's story and now I am awaiting the third book in the series, When to Engage and Earl, which was published at the end of May.

What are you currently reading?

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  1. You've read lots of books that sound great!! I love reading by the pool in the summer- a perfect way to pass the time!


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