12 June 2017

Weekending & Tony Award Red Carpet

Hey y'all,

I hope y'all had a wonderful and restful weekend. I am linking up with Biana from B. Loved Boston to share what my weekend was like along with some of my favorite Tony Award fashion choices.


After my workday, I drove to Raleigh to meet up with Sam and Sarah for a lovely dinner of pasta. Following dinner, we walked over to Barnes and Nobles to check out notebooks (to replace the Moleskine that was destroyed by water in my bag) and some new books. We topped the night off with some Dairy Queen and then I went home to finish reading my latest book, Born of Legend.


Saturday morning started with a trip to the Toyota dealer for my 60,000 mile check up. It ended up being a longer and more expensive appointment than planned when my brakes needed to be replaced. I filled my time with working on blog ideas for the rest of the year.

Saturday was also, little Max Cat's 5th birthday. To celebrate, the little guy got some extra treats and lots of cuddles.

After the appointment, I ran to the grocery store, had lunch, got ready for church and then headed over to teach my 4-year old class. After a wonderful sermon on Psalm 51, I headed home to get ready for a summer soiree at my friend Ginger's house. Ginger was one of my bible study leaders and then spent two years living in Kenya! She is back state side and it was wonderful catching up with everyone especially over delicious margaritas.


Sunday morning I had a lazy morning and worked on the blog for a bit before getting ready to head to a Barre3 Chapel Hill Pop-Up class at Southpoint Mall. I love taking Barre3 classes and even won a giveaway for a Barre3 hat.

After Barre3, I came home and had lunch before getting started on some meal prep. This week I prepped some sweet potatoes for roasted sweet potatoes with lettuce wrapped burger, made a cucumber and tomato salad, made jumbalya for work lunches, and carrots with hummus for snacks.
The rest of the afternoon I worked on blog posts while watching the Great British Baking Show before getting ready for my work summer potluck.
After the potluck, I made it home just in time to turn on the Tony awards! Here are some of my favorite gowns of the night (you can read my Tony Award Fashion post here).
Cobie Smulders in Schiaparelli 
Olivia Wilde in Michael Kors Collection



  1. I'm so impressed with your blogging outline - that's so awesome you're so far ahead in planning! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I really need to start organizing my own blog ideas!! also, I've never tried Barre3, but I've done a ton of Pure Barre.

  3. I can't believe you've planned out blog posts through the end of the year! That is really awesome!!

  4. Yikes! Car repairs are not fun at all! Huge props for getting posts planned out for the year! That is a big deal - now to write all of them though, right?! I love the dresses you posted from the awards!


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