19 June 2017

Weekending {June 19th}

Hey y'all,

I hope that you are having a great start to your work week, I have been working on contracts this morning at work which is very hectic as the fiscal year begins in less than two weeks! Can we get back to the weekend already? Joking, I actually enjoy my day job but sometimes, you want to ease into the work week.

This past weekend I did exactly as planned, pretty much nothing and it was glorious. I debated about even sharing my weekend as I know I didn't do much but these are some of my favorite posts and let's be real, we all have some weekends where we spend way to much time on the couch. I'm linking up with Biana of B.Loved Boston to share and I would love to know your highlights of the weekend.


Friday started out with work of course and then I headed over to the Brixx Woodfire Pizza at Parkside Town Commons in Cary to meet up with Meghan for a yummy dinner to celebrate the end of the school year for her and to catch up on life.
 Of course, it started to crazy storm when we were finishing up dinner so we decided to wait it out with a little dessert. After it was safe, we headed home.
I ended up finishing up some of my laundry and getting ready for Lindsey to come over for the premiere of the Great British Baking Show. It ended up that there were two episodes so we made some tea, ate banana bread, and watched the bakers take on cake week and biscuit (cookie) week.


Saturday I let myself sleep in until 8:30am before getting ready for the day and heading to church. I am going to be a rotation team leader at our Kids Week (Vacation Bible School) in a few weeks so I headed over for leader training. I met with my other leader and a few of my team members as we brainstormed about our outfits, decorating our space and how we are going to serve and love on the kids coming to learn about how much God loves them.

I finished up at church around 11:30am and headed home for some lunch and quiet time. Around 3pm it was back to church to get ready to serve. I regularly serve as a PreK leader during one of our Saturday services. It was a busy week with our kids but I love the story of the prodigal son that we were teaching. The rest of the evening was filled with attending church, eating leftover pizza for dinner, watching Rizzoli and Isles, and Max Cat antics.


Well, Sunday I let myself sleep in again and ended up calling my Dad around 9am to wish him a happy father's day! The rest of the day consisted of meal prep (I made all of my breakfasts and lunches this week), lots of Rizzoli and Isles, folding and putting away laundry (my least favorite chore), and lots of dishes after all that meal prep. Glamorous day I know but it was exactly what I needed to get ready for the week.

What is your favorite show to binge watch currently?



  1. Sounds like a great weekend- a mix of fun & productive stuff! I bet being a VBS leader will be awesome!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!! That's so much fun you get to work VBS - I've always wanted to but my dang job gets in the way lol


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