20 May 2017

Saturday Story Time {Vol. 3}

Hey y'all,

A few weeks ago I started a new series call Saturday Story Time. Essentially, each Saturday I am going to pose a question and I would love for it to be interactive and have you answer the same question in the comments. I have loved getting to know my readers through these posts and you can catch up with the previous questions here and here.

Let's get to today's question:

  When did you start your blog?If you are not a blogger, leave a link to your favorite blog at the moment.

I began my very first blog back when I was in college, in the spring of 2011 I think. It was called Jane Austen Meets Southern Prepster and came after I read other blogs like the College Prepster and I transitioned from a Tumblr to Blogspot. After about a year since it essentially became an online scrapbook of events from my senior year of college, I transitioned to a new blog called Preppin' Postgrad. I blogged over there from 2012-2015. In May of 2015 I decided I was done with the blogging world and said by goodbyes. Well, in October of 2015 I was missing the blogging community and decided to start Just Jess. I felt this name felt like it fit my stage of life and was something I could grow with since I have now been out of undergrad for five years.

Have you been following along since the old JAMSP days or PP?

When did you start blogging?

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  1. I started my blog during my senior year of high school after reading a ton of different blogs too! I wasn't quite sure what I was doing or where it was going to go but kept blogging just for fun! I continued all through college and just graduated. I'm so glad I kept up with it during my college years! It's fun to look back over the past four years and now it kind of acts like a memory book for myself. It's like journaling but better!

    Shannon | www.prepavenue.com

  2. I started my blog in November 2015 when Grayson got me my domain name as a birthday gift! :) I had written a few random posts here and there on blogpost before then, but wasn't consistent with it at all. I think when we met you were Preppin' Postgrad! Such a sweet little blog; I loved it! Of course, I love this one too! :)

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  4. I just started my blog in January. The domain name still isn't registered and I'm using a generic theme for right now. It's a work in progress! :)

    Jess | http://wandriouslyflawed.blogspot.com


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