17 May 2017

Paper Planner Picks

Hey y'all,

If you know me in real life, you know that since I got my first paper agenda in elementary school I have loved a paper planner. I get it from my Mom who to this day maintains a paper family calendar that hangs in the kitchen then carries around a small paper calendar in her bag as well.

In high school, my planners mostly came from Target, then in college I loved my Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade planners (color coded of course).

After college I have tried a few difference planner options, like the Erin Condren Life Planner and the Simplified Planner from Emily Ley.

This past year I used the daily fancy floral planner from Emily Ley and while I love all of the to-do-list space it entails, I am finding that I have not been utilizing it to the best of it's abilities. I still make lots of to-do lists on post-its or in the moleskin notebook I always carry so I am actually going to transition back to a weekly spread. TODAY the simplified planners launch for the academic year (yes, I still follow the academic year since I work at a University) and I am so excited to get my hands on a weekly navy and gold pineapple planner.

Now if you are having difficulty looking for a planner, here are five options!
Midyear 2017 Flagship Planner: Bloom Where You're Planted
Day Designer. $59. Comes in both calendar and academic year as well as an A5 mini edition. Daily planning pages with scheduling from 5am-9pm, today, to-do, dinner, gratitude, top 3 to do prompts and more. Begins with goal setting worksheets. Weekend pages include a weekly overview. Includes a front cover pocket.

IF you are leaning towards the Day Designer, you can test out the layout with a free daily page here. Also, Day Designer has a line with Blue Sky so you can find that collection here which features weekly planners, wall calendars, and monthly calendars .
Erin Condren Coiled Notebook Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, 7
Erin Condren Life Planner. $55. 12 month or 18 month calendar options. Customize your cover with color choices and personalization. Neutral or colorful color scheme pages in a horizontal, vertical or hourly layout. You can find Erin Condren also at Staples. Those covers are not personalized but you can switch out your cover.
Image result for simplified planner
Simplified Planner. $58 for daily edition. $48 for weekly edition. 12 months. The academic calendars release in May (today!) and there is a seperate launch in September for the calendar year planners for 2018. The daily edition has one day per page with hourly scheduled spaces from 6am-9pm, space for to-dos, meals, and notes. The weekend shares a single page. There are full month view pages as well as a pocket on the inside front cover.

The weekly editions are not wire bound but book bound and feature a ribbon book mark. There is still an inside pocket and monthly views but each week is spread over two pages rather than six.

If you wanted to test out the daily or weekly page layouts you can get a free printable here.
Dahlia 17-Month Large Agenda, multi, large
Kate Spade. $36 for the large size agenda.Also available in a medium size. 17 month calendar with weekly and monthly pages, gold foil sticker sheet, concealed spiral cover, notes pages, pocket, and elastic band to close the agenda.
2018 Floral Foil Classic covered spiral binding
Rifle Paper Company Available in 17 month and 12 month editions. the 12 month planners are $30.00, book bound in cloth with 2 bookmarks, monthly and weekly views, a pocket folder, sections for celebrations, notes, and important contacts. The 17 month editions are $34.00 from August 2017-December 2018. It feautres weekly and monthly calendar pages with a pocket folder and ruler. A section for celebrations, notes, and important contacts.

I hope this overview helped if you are in the market for a new planner!

Are you a paper planner person?
Do you color code? Use stickers?


  1. Oh I'm definitely a planner person and I love using colored pens for everything :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love your review - I am 100% a paper planner. I hate using the calendar on my phone for anything other reminders lol

  3. Call me old school but I really like a paper planner to go along with my phone calendar. Beautiful picks!


  4. Love my paper planners!! You know I'm a die hard Day Designer fan! :) But the navy and gold pineapple SP is beautiful! And I love the Kate Spade one you picked too! <3

  5. I love paper planners, but am sad to say I haven't utilized mine as much this year. And I definitely color code - I love erasable pens and use those!


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