11 May 2017

Currently {May 11}

Hey y'all,

It has been a while since I wrote a currently post and since I love these little snap shots into people's lives I thought I should resurrect the post on a more semi-regular basis. So let's get started with things I am currently loving, reading, wearing, etc.

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I just finished reading/the audiobook of Janet Evonovich's Wicked Appetite. I am reading the second Spinster House book by Sally MacKenzie entitled, How to Manage a Marquess. Mackenzie's historical romance novels are always filled with a lot of humor and are fun quick reads. I expect to be done by Sunday.

listening to:

Snow like Ashes. This is the first book in a series that my friend Sarah recommended. I just started the audiobook but so far I have enjoyed it. My copy expires Saturday though so it looks like I will be taking a long walk tonight to crank some of it out.

working out at/with/etc:

My workouts the past few weeks have been from Tone It Up for the Bikini series. I have loved their live workouts like this total body one and I have gone ahead and booked two Barre3 classes for the weekend.


My roommate has been on a Chicago Fire kick so I have been watching some of those with her but I have been loving the Great British Baking Show, Season 2, and Game of Thrones.


All the Skinnypop. Y'all, it's bad and a reminder why I do not often purchase snacks like that so I don't go through bags and bags quickly. Meals this weekend are going to be pretty simple since I am petsitting so it's greek salads with chicken and quinoa pasta with spinach and meat sauce.


Yogi's Blueberry Green Tea. Water with Lemon. Peach-Pear LaCoix.


Vacation is in less than 9 days! That means I need to finish up some laundry so I can get started overpacking and editing my suitcase. It's hard when in my 10 day trip I will be going to a wedding, bachelorette weekend, and seeing Hamilton. As I told my Mom, if this was a regular vacation I could pack in a carry-on but the amount of shoes I need to take is causing issues. Any restaurant and tourist recommendations for Chicago are welcome! I have about three days without plans currently.


My meals for next week. I often begin my meal plan on Thursday or Friday so I can grocery shop Saturday morning when stores are not as busy. Its going to probably be a lot of salads and chicken in prep for vacation!


Dresses. It is finally nice spring weather here in NC so I have been loving wearing dresses almost everyday to work. They are the easiest piece of clothing that still makes you look put together. I am in love with this palm leaf pattern one at Old Navy right now that would be perfect for the summer on weekends.

  What are you currently reading?
Current wish-list item?

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