11 April 2017

Toning Tuesday {Tone it Up Bikini Series}

Hey y'all,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. One of the highlights from my weekend was going on a walk with a few friends around Lake Lynn in Raleigh. It's absolutely gorgeous and a nice trail. Plus, we were able to knock out 5.6 miles that morning before I headed to a yummy lunch of Chic-Fil-A.

I'm excited that in just under two weeks, Tone It Up will begin their annual summer fitness challenge. This eight week challenge is free on their website and includes a weekly schedule with fitness and lifestyle challenges, recipes, nutrition advice and a brand new workout video every week! I have participated in the past and the challenge is always very motivating and full of wonderful women in community.
Tone It Up Bikini Series 2017 Sign Up

I am just getting back to working out after a weird hiatus. I would do a few workouts here and there but I was only really consistent with the Pilates I was doing with Robin Long. I plan on still incorporating Pilates throughout this challenge. I might do the Tone It Up workout in the morning and squeeze in pilates right before bed as a way to relax and get settled.

You can sign up for the Bikini Series here. Ashely from Hanging with the Hirsts is also participating!You can follow along on my Tone It Up Instagram here.
Do you have a favorite workout right now?


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  1. I am still sticking with the 21 Day Fix, but have always heard such good things about Tone It Up - need to check it out!


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