21 April 2017

Five on Friday {April 21}

Hey y'all,

This week I got hit with a spring cold. I thought at first it was just a response to allergies but instead by Wednesday I was at home with a fever. Therefore my Five on Friday post is a little random as most nights I have been coming home taking Nyquil and getting to bed before 10pm. I am starting to feel better though and hope that after this weekend the cold will be gone as I get ready for the Tone It Up Bikini Series (an 8 week fitness challenge)

one. She Reads Truth Bible. I decided to pre-order the She Reads Truth bible after seeing the announcement on Instagram a few weeks ago. I am so glad I went ahead and grabbed it. It arrived this past weekend and was such a nice Easter gift to myself. The translation is Christian Standard Bible which I have found to be very similar to my ESV study bible with a little bit more readable. I also love the verse prints. If you have any questions about this bible if you are interested, please let me know! Here is a passage from this week that I was studying.

two. Moana Soundtrack. Last friday night I headed over to my friends' home to eat fajitas, drink sangria, and catch up. We ended up putting on Moana and I have enjoyed rocking out to the soundtrack at work this week. Shiny is still one of my favorite songs ever.

three. Engagement Celebrations. Kristina in my bible study got engaged at the end of March but due to crazy weather cancelling one of our gatherings and her work schedule we finally celebrated her on Wednesday with cupcakes. It was fun hearing her engagement story. That night we also were able to pray over sweet Dana who gets married next weekend! It's an exciting time in our group and I'm so excited for the new season for each of these women.

four.Sproutlings. A few weeks ago I planted some wildflowers and some basil in planters on my porch. I am happy to say that the seeds took and I have little sproutlings right now. I am hoping all goes well and they all grow into beautiful plants. Also, my cat, Max, is loving time on the porch right now!

five. Calm Weekend. This weekend is my only calm weekend for the next month or so. I have plans to hang out with my old roommate M watching Blindspot, going to brunch at the new Seasons 52, going for a 5 mile walk with Jess to catch up, and teaching my little people at church. It will be nice to not feel like I am rushing all over town over the weekend considering we are less than a month until I am off on a 10 day vacation!

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  1. That's great you have a relaxing weekend coming up. Those are important!

    I LOVE the music from Moana. I really need to buy that movie.


  2. I hope you are all better soon. Spring or summer colds are the worst.

  3. Bummer about the cold! Hope you're feeling better soon! Your little plants look great!


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