Five on Friday {February 10}

Hey y'all,

I loved getting to know you through my birthday post, if you missed out you can read it here. Now I know it is pretty late on Friday night but I finally am sitting down to write a post. As usual, I am sharing five things I am loving this Friday.

one. If Gathering. Last Friday I attended an If: Local to watch the live stream of the If Gathering. If you are not familiar with If, there is a yearly gathering in Austin of Christian women all based on the question If God is real, then what? This year's focus was on discipleship and I loved Jeanie Allen's open message about growing small and deep. While the live stream stopped being available on Tuesday, they will put out the gathering on their shop. It was an amazing conference with over 9 hours of wonderful speakers, worship, and discussion. Discipleship has come up multiple times over the last few weeks in various venues so if you have any devotionals I should read as I work on discipling others I would love to hear your suggestions.
 two. Birthday Brunch. Last Saturday, a few of my sweet friends came over for pancakes, mimosas, and cake. It was a great time to just hang out, enjoy yummy food and connect with everyone. I highly reccommend hosting a brunch with friends especially since that means you can wear pjs!
three. Crunch then Brunch. I spotted this tank at Target earlier this week and I think I need to grab it.
four.Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron. I am going to try out both Hello Fresh and Blue Apron next week and I plan on sharing my experience with ya'll. Being dairy free and a picky eater it can be a challenge to look at meal planning services but I will share more next week. Do y'all have a favorite meal service?
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five. Beauty and Lord Voldemort. Y'all, I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and already have tickets to watch it with my bible study. I might also have plans to watch it with my Mom the day if comes out. If you are a Harry Potter and Disney fan, this trailer will make you laugh out loud. It was the perfect pick me up today.
six. This guy gets shots tomorrow. :( Let's hope he likes the new vet and doesn't hate me.
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What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Hello Fresh is AWESOME.... if you find enough recipes that you love. That has been my only hesitation with it. I can usually find two recipes I like, but the third is a tough one to fill. I'm probably a much pickier eater than you though.

  2. Ooh can't wait to hear about your meal service experiences!! I have been curious about these! :)


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