08 January 2017

Sunday Sayings {January 8th}

Hey y'all,

I am stuck inside thanks to this winter storm event here in NC so I have been spending a lot of time resting after a very busy four days post 10 day vacation. It was nice to take a break to spend the holidays with my family and some time prepping and organizing before the new year. This week I really want to focus on the small changes I have made over the last week.
I am going to be sharing my goals for the year tomorrow but I wanted to keep reminding you, even if you have already fallen off the wagon of your resolution to choose progress and not perfection. Little by little progress adds up especially if you have a purpose and meaning behind your goals. This is something that has been hard to learn in my life but I am committing to a year of small steps to have the best year yet. So far I have not kept all my goals but I have made small progress on a lot of them. 


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