18 December 2016

Sunday Sayings {December 18}

Hey y'all,

I hope you have had an awesome weekend, its in the 60s here in NC so my windows are open and I am getting some laundry done before I meal prep. With this crazy holiday season I am reminded that kindness goes a long way. From a smile, thank you or small gesture it can really make your day especially when you have times like spending an hour at the post office on Saturday since you waited forever to get some packages out. whoops. But you take it in stride and know that everyone is working hard. Molly over at Still Being Molly has been doing a Random Act of Kindess each day here in the triangle and I love that the community has gotten behind her. I love looking at the hashtag, trikind25 and seeing all the small acts that are making a difference. So I challenge you to do one small act this week as we are leading up to Christmas.

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Thank you for your sweet message!

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