12 December 2016

Miscellany Monday {Weekend Update+First Cyclebar experience}

Hey y'all,

I had a jam packed weekend and thought I would share some of my adventures in the Triangle. Let's just jump right in.Beware of the picture heavy post.

After a busy day at work I ran to pick up some books a friend had borrowed and headed to downtown Durham. I met a few friends from my small group for dinner at Lilly's Pizza. After dinner, we wandered around Morgan imports and then ran to Whole Foods for cookies before going to watch A Christmas Kiss on Netflix. It was a night filled with a ton of laughter and the perfect start to the weekend (although this grandma thought it was crazy to be up at midnight).

I woke up Saturday and headed to Cyclebar. It was a Rhianna themed ride. It was my first ride at Cyclebar and so much fun. I love cycling classes and this one had a lot of high energy. I also was happy to break the top 8 during one of the sprints (there were 16 people on the board). It helps to challenge you and I'm excited to try out more classes this month. They have fun themed rides like 90's top hits, brunch on Sunday, Wine Not Wednesdays, and a whole slew of other rides. Plus, if you loved the music from the ride, just check your email after class, they send you the playlist you you can rock another workout. You can check out the Brier Creek Cyclebar here. Through December, new riders get a class free and they are opening up a studio less than 10 minutes from my apartment in Cary in January. You can't tell but I was soaked in my sweaty selfie below post ride.Cyclebar has over 100 studios so if you aren't in the Triangle, check them out here.

After Cyclebar, I headed to Big Lots and Target to look for white elephant exchange gifts as well as get some grocery items for my ornament exchange and the rest of the week. I also stopped by the library to grab some fun reading.

I went home and watched a few episodes of Fuller House with my roomie before we both had to get ready for events that night-my office Christmas party and her Christmas card photo shoot. I got to the party early to set up and I am happy that everyone had a wonderful time. The white elephant exchange did get a bit heated and I eventually ended up with some organic green tea considering I started with owl salt and pepper shakers.

I got home a little before 9pm and then my roomie and I were off on an adventure. We stopped at Starbucks and then headed out to see Christmas lights. We drove over to the Raleigh/Cary area and saw a few crazy houses and ended up not getting home until almost midnight!
 NC State fans will appreciate this house.

First red cup of the season
I ended up sleeping in after our late night out so I decided to go to the 10am service at church. Afterwards, I ran a few errands and then went home to get my apartment all cleaned up before having friends over for my annual ornament exchange.

I was a bad blogger and only snapped a photo post exchange with the ornament I received. I do not play a white elephant game but rather read a poem that includes the words left and right and the gifts move around the circle.

After the exchange, Elizabeth hung around for a while and we caught up and watched a Hallmark movie and got lots of Max cuddles. It was the perfect restful Sunday.

How was your weekend?
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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the idea of an ornament exchange!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  2. Love the ornament exchange! And that pizza looks delicious.

  3. I have been monitoring the cyclebar classes this week! I'm dying to go!! I think it's the closest thing I'll come to SoulCycle down here :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Lots of fun with friends! :)

  5. What a fun weekend! It's so nice to have those jam-packed weekends with friends and fun. Lilly's Pizza is so good; have you tried Pizzeria Toro? It's one of my favorite pizza parlours in Durham. Check it out if you get a chance :-)

    NCsquared Life


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