03 December 2016

December Goals

Hey y'all,

I am going to try and participate in blogmas, similar to vlogmas for Youtubers I am going to try and post every other day leading up to Christmas. I have planned out my blog calendar so let's keep this party rolling.

I thought I would share some of my goals for this month. I love goal setting and I think if you put it out ther for others to know you are more accountable for your goals so here are my 5 goals for the month of December.
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1. Decorate for the holidays. I love decorating so this one is a siple one but it's a reminder to take time and enjoy all of the festivities of the holidays.
2. Take care of myself amidst the holidays. I am participating in a 30 day challenge with Charlotte  which starts on Monday and I am challenging myself to complete 10 CYCLEBAR classes in the next 30 days.
3. Remember the reason for the season. I need to remind myself to be in the word each day as we celebrate God's outpouring of love for us in the form of his son.
4. Connect with others. I know we all get crazy busy around the holidays but with small gestures like sending a text or a card or just calling someone I know I can connect with more people.
5. Blogmas. Write something every other to share with y'all!

What are your goals this month?
What's your favorite Christmas movie?


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