16 November 2016

The 12 Days of Gift Guides {Literary Lover}

Hey y'all,

As a huge literary fan, my background is in English literature, I always love receiving book themed items. Whether it is a print of a favorite book quote, a punny mug for tea, or even just a book themed item I am all for it. I also love when people gift books they recommend. My book club does a book exchange every December and it is fun to see the variety of books that are recommended and loved. So instead of gifting a giftcard to Barnes & Noble (although I would never turn that down) check out my list of literary themed gifts.

Gift Guide {Literary Lover}

I have a scarf with some of the text from Pride & Prejudice, one of my favorite books, and I get complements on it all the time. If you know your friend's favorite author or text, search around especially on etsy for a Literary Scarf. I have even seen some scarves of illustrations such as the map of Middle Earth from Tolkien. Along with scarf searches on Etsy, I also love this mug since we all know if I am reading I probably will be making a cup of tea at some point, and yes, I know that makes me sound British and I'm okay with that. My other favorite etsy find for book friends are prints with book images or great quotes from their favorite works like this print.

I have to laugh at the H&M - Metal Bookend since my to-read list is ever growing(you can check it out on GoodReads) and I have a whole stack of books on my nightstand right now that are in line to be read.

Juniper Books - BabyLit Complete Set I discovered BabyLit one day when walking around the bookstore at UNC. I spotted the Romeo and Juliet counter first and then found the Jane Eyre one and immediately called my Mom. BabyLit takes the classic authors and places them into board books with themes like counting 10 garlic flowers in Dracula, animals in The Jungle Book, and shapes in Treasure Island.

I really want to smell the Byredo - Bibliothèque Scented Candle, since I think libraries do have a distinct scent and I might be strange but the smell of old books is comforting not off putting to me. It might have something to do with the fact that my Mom was a librarian. Along with the Byredo candle, Simply Sassy Things creates soy candles with literal pages of the book in the wax. It's a unique idea and I love the scent names like Pemberly, Tribute, and Wizard Ale.

 And the classic, if you can't pick something else, buy them a beautiful classic novel like this one of the Odyssey by Homer and Penguin Classics. I am always looking to expand my literary classics collection for my library.

Since the coloring craze has started I am always surprised at the next coloring book theme and the Pride and Prejudice: A Coloring Classic is no exception. I might want to add this to my wishlist since with quotes from the novel accompanying the pages I think it's the perfect stress relief.

Shop my picks and more suggestions:

What is your favorite book?
Who is your favorite author? 

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  1. Some of these would be perfect for my sister-in-law, who loves books more than anything. You've given me some really great inspiration for her gift this year! I wouldn't mind receiving some of these gifts either so I might use them to drop hints to my hubby.

    NCsquared Life

  2. First off - yay fellow English lit person! My undergrad degree is in English and I love meeting others! That's a fabulous idea about the scarf! I have a friend obsessed with Pride and Prejudice and that is probably what's she's getting for Christmas!

  3. These are so creative! Absolutely love this! I'm especially intrigued with the candle and the BabyLit books! <3

  4. how fun does that coloring book look? Cute picks girlie

  5. What adorable gift ideas! That coffee cup is so cute!

  6. My mom is an avid reader, and just today I was thinking I should get her a literary themed Christmas gift! So this post is perfectly timed!

  7. This is great, not only do I see a few things I'd like myself, I definitely have a literary friend or two to shop for this year :) Thanks for the recommendations!

  8. I don't have a favorite book but I do love reading devotionals and true stories. Right now I am reading The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

  9. Your book exchange sounds like so much fun! I need that coffee cup in my life.


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