28 November 2016

Miscellany Monday {Max Cat}

Hey y'all,

I hope that you are having a wonderful start to the week and that you were able to have a nice relaxing weekend. This weekend I spent Thanksgiving with my family and it was a nice relaxing time (apart from binge-watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life) and it was also the last weekend that the cats were together.
About four years ago my parent's rescued an orange tabby that our family friend found in her neighborhood and started to feed. We named him Max and he became the family pet. About six months later, a kitten arrived at my Dad's work and we brought Lily home that summer. Well, this past summer after three years of living together, Lily and Max began to fight. It was stressing my parents out having to separate them and always be on alert to make sure they were okay. We tried hormone therapy and drugs from the vet but things weren't working.

This September both cats visited my home and while they did fine, when they returned home the fights broke out again, so this Sunday, Max made the two hour drive north and officially became my cat.

 So I now have an accountability kitty who in his spare time loves to play fetch and watch the birds out of my window.

How was your Thanksgiving?
Do you have a fur child?


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Thank you for your sweet message!

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