04 November 2016

Five on Friday {November 4}

Hey y'all,

I can't believe it but we made it to Friday again and this time I actually blogged so you weren't left with only one post a week! This weekend is going to be filled with friends, watching Carolina football, a run in this gorgeous fall weather, and some time at church. Now let's get to the five things I have been loving this week.

one. Ribbed Sleeve Open Cardigan by LOFT. Y'all, I am obsessed with this cardigan right now. I have it in the Ice Pale Pink and I am debating if I need it in the midnight slate color as well since it is on sale for only 27.50. I wore it to church a few weeks ago and to work this week as well. It is so comfortable.
two. Harry Potter. Last weekend I attended a Harry Potter themed party with my book club including a costume contest, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, and the cutest owl emporium. Traci went all out! It was fun to catch up with friends and talk about the first book which most of us had not read in years.
three. Baking. This week I went all out and broke out the mixer to do more than a box mix or break and bake cookies. One of my co-workers' birthday was Monday so I baked up some chocolate chip peanut butter cookie bars.A recipe will be coming to the blog soon!
four.Mrs. Meyer's Mum scent. The other week I ordered from the Grove Collaborative since they were offering free Mrs. Meyers products and I love their hand soap. It came in the mum scent and y'all, this is my new favorite. I am slowly transitioning a lot of my cleaning products to more natural items so let me know if you would like a post on my favorites.
five.Community. This month is already packed and while this introvert could be complaining, it has been reminding me of the wonderful community I have grown. Five years ago I was a scared first-year at UNC and now I still live in the triangle and have a wonderful church family, great college friends I still see, and sweet coworkers. Here's to a busy November filled with dinners with friends, bible study time, and fun events like Southern Wedding's Volume 9 Launch Party!

What have you been loving lately?
Any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. I think I need to try that soap! Love the Loft cardigan💕

  2. Mrs. Meyers hand soaps are just the best! I'll need to try the Mum scent :)

    Those peanut butter and chocolate chip bars look delicious! It's amazing how much better sweets taste when they're homemade!

  3. Those cookie bars look delicious! Mrs. Meyers has the best stuff! Have a great week :)


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