16 October 2016

Sunday Sayings {October 16}

Hey y'all,

I think as women we often struggle with people's perceptions of us. We are in a culture where perfection is sought after but this week it really hit me that I will never be perfect, I am a sinner and Christ is the only perfect person to have walked on this earth. I think our culture wants us to put on perfect airs but in reality, I am not perfect. I admit, I spend way to much time on Facebook and other social media outlets and say I am to busy for things like my blog or even putting my social media above my quiet time with my Bible.

I am human and I struggle daily with a lot of things but that is life. This weekend is busy between helping watch the furry children of my friends, helping out at church and celebrating a good friends birthday. I hope you all carve out some time to rest and reflect this weekend. Sometimes speaking out loud our mistakes are the scary part but I can tell you we have all made them.

What's on your heart this weekend?


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