21 October 2016

Saturday Snaps {October 22}

Hey y'all,

I am currently waiting on my car at the dealership since Cora the Corolla officially hit 50,000 miles! Since I have this set aside time, I thought I would blog and share some photos I have recently snaped over the last few weeks. Some of them you might find on my instagram here.

Did you know Panera has the best green smoothie? I was running late to my car appointment and didn't even have time to make breakfast so I swung by Panera and ordered the Passion Power Green Smoothie. The smoothie is made of peach and mango purees and white grape and passionfruit juice concentrates blended with fresh spinach and ice.

At the recent bloggers meet up for TriFabb, I recieved these gorgeous hoop earrings from Brosway in the swag bag from Halie's Boutique. Well, really I received them in gold and Traci received the silver so we swapped since she is a gold fan. Ignore the crazy face I made when texting these beauties with friends.
A few weeks ago, my friend Ashley turned 29 and to celebrate a group of us all got up and met at Chic-Fil-A at 6:30am before work since the stores in the Triangle were offering free chicken minis that morning. It was a great way to celebrate our sweet friend and bible study leader.
Any La Croix fans out there? Love a Diet Coke Cherry? This summer I discovered the Dasani sparkling water and the Black Cherry with crushed ice is the perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon at work.
I hung out with these furry friends last weekend while their Mom was away.
This is what I wore to the TriFabb meetup and I have worn this exact ensemble a few different times. I think it would be perfect for a Carolina game day.
Last Saturday, I ran the Gigi's Cupcake 5K. It is always a fun race and benefits Make-A-Wish of Eastern North Carolina.
Have you recently asked Siri what you should be for Halloween? My friend posted her response and I had to share mine. Perfect response for this English Lit major.
It's Fall! My current go-to snack is a cup of tea and a Fuji apple with crunchy pb.
Did you know you can vote for the next president of the Artic? Of course I voted Narwhal! Check out your local Paper Source store to vote or you can vote online here.

What are you dressing as for Halloween?
Team Narwhal or Team Walrus?



  1. Those earrings are SO cute! I've never gotten a smoothie at Panera but I think I need to try one! Yum!

  2. I am totally on a green smoothie kick right now too!! And I love some peanut butter and apples as a snack.


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