31 October 2016

Happy Halloween

Hey y'all,

I grew up in a family where Halloween was a big deal. Our house was always decorated for Fall first and then lots of Halloween treats. My parents still send us kids Halloween themed cards and on occasion we get boo bags filled with decor and candy for our homes.  Our costumes often came from our dress-up basket or from trips to the thrift store to find items. I remember being a clown, gypsy, flower child, and a witch. This year I decided to go the easy route and went as a witch since my little & grandlitte's party was on Saturday night after church and another friend's Harry Potter Party.
Here are my five favorite last minute Halloween costume ideas if you need to dress up for work or for tonight to go to a gathering or even just hand out candy to little ones.
Grab a bathrobe, curlers, and some stuffed animal cats. 
The only tough part might be the suspenders and knee socks

All you need is a red coat, a hat and it's time to travel the globe. 

If you need more last minute costume inspiration, Ellen always has amazing kids costume ideas. This year's ideas are below. My favorite would have to be the piece of cake.

What are you doing for Halloween?
Favorite costume you have ever worn?
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