12 October 2016

Happy Birthday, UNC!

Hey y'all,

I know, two posts in one day, WHAT? I thought I had to acknowledge that today is the 223rd anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of Old East here at UNC. If y'all are new to the blog, I graduated from the University of North Carolina and I actually work here now. It's crazy to think that over eight years ago I decided to attend UNC and little did I know that this place would have such an impact on my life.
Outside of South Building on the Quad
UNC not only gave me an education in the classroom (yay BA in English) but I learned so much more outside of Greenlaw Hall's doors. I found a passion for Art History, met the best friends, joined a sisterhood, began a career, and found a love for the Triangle area.

Any Carolina student and graduate knows the magic of Chapel Hill and being a Tar Heel. It's not just about having an amazing athletic program but all of the opportunities Carolina brings to expand your knowledge, push your beliefs and mold you into critical thinkers. Our liberal arts curriculum when first explained seemed like general education requirements would take forever, but instead they uncovered passions and reminded me that I do not have to excel in every subject but I have to strive for understanding all views.
At the Old Well with my roommates on the first day of classes Senior Year.
This little town in North Carolina would be a whole lot different if 223 years ago a University focused on educating North Carolinians was not founded but that's the charm of Chapel Hill. A town where the drug store dinner still serves hamburgers, the frozen yogurt shop is a go-to, and bluegrass on the Inn lawn is a staple all summer.

Thank you for all of the founders who were instrumental in creating a place of light and liberty, a place where I struggled but was celebrated, and who made me fall in love with North Carolina and a certain shade of blue.

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  1. Loved this post! Attending UNC has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and hopefully I can transfer in for Fall 2017. I love visiting the campus! Chapel Hill is truly magical and there is nothing like it!!


  2. Go Heels!!! I love that you work there now! New Follower!


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